DEEP FOCUS 2021- Silip At Lente Adamson University

“In the Mood for Love” wins the Gold Award at Silip@Lente-AdU’s fashion photography competition, DEEP FOCUS 2021

SILIP@LENTE-AdU kicked off this year’s DEEP FOCUS 2021, a photography competition with the theme “#Frame your style,” which was held online via Zoom and live-streamed through Facebook, participated by at least hundreds of students, last December 4, 2021.

Brant Eldridge Alipio, a freshman from Adamson University, and his photograph, In the Mood for Love, has won the Gold award in Silip@Lente’s Deep Focus 2021, a fashion photography competition; garnering an average score of 86.5% of votes. The winning image is a woman holding a cigarette and a lighter in a gloomy setting.


“Personally, the message I would want to express to the audience through this photo is the rampancy of loneliness of unfulfilled desires which reconnects to the chaotic setting we live in. The means of cigarette visible is a metaphor for rebellion – causing people to regain consciousness from the vast idea of confusion through this medium”, he said in an online interview. 

Prior to his victory was actually an upsetting incident wherein he shared that the original photo he was bound to submit was accidentally deleted due to a camera error.However, the outcome of his not-a-smooth-sailing journey has led him to acknowledge this experience as a memorable one aside from the fact that it was his first photography competition he has participated in.

I Wouldn_t Dare

The first year Marketing student and Silip@Lente’s junior photographer, Brant Alipio, also shared the rightful credits and victory to his friends who helped and supported him in this memorable journey of his.

Alipio also expressed his genuine gratitude in a virtual interview. “Truly, this is one of the events in my life that I am forever grateful for. I am beyond grateful for my organization, Silip@Lente-AdU, for this event; for bringing hope and joy to every aspiring creatives out there who are passionate about their craft and are willing to do anything in obtaining their dreams”, he said.

Mr. Adrian Castillo, the adviser of Silip@Lente-AdU and one of the Deep Focus 2021 judges, shared a sentiment about the winning photograph: “The photograph was able to capture the evocative mood and style of the subject; it truly embodied the #FrameYourStyle theme of this year’s Deep Focus. The lighting is great, color composition is on-point, and the overall presentation is excellent!”

One of the heads of this event, Mr. Chris Guerrero, also shared a moment of his story as an event head. In an interview, Mr. Guerrero said that he was at first hesitant to accept the offer to be one of the heads of the major event [Deep Focus 2021] because he knew it would be difficult.


 “…but as a growing officer, in my desire to at least experience the role of event head, I accepted the offer”, he shared.

Mr. Guerrero also extended his heartfelt gratitude to the people behind the successful eventhis event head partner, Shale Torralba; the Silip@Lente Executive Officers, especially, Pres. TJ Dangarang and VPE Jerjhen Salazar; the Creatives and Technical team; the whole Silip@Lente family; the event sponsors, organization partners, and media partners; and last but not the least, the students inside and outside Adamson University who participated in this year’s photography event, Deep Focus 2021: #FrameYourStyle.

Next to Brant Alipio is Kyle Garcia’s “I wouldn’t Dare” which settled for the Silver award with an average score of 85.5% of votes. Justin Esponilla’s “Lako” secured the Bronze award as it garnered an average score of 84.5% of votes.