As the fashion and beauty industry progressively opens its door to honor diversity and inclusion across the world, we- in SPOTTED magazine join the community in sustaining and promoting kinder approach to beauty standards – showcasing the organic beauty from the wide arrays of “differences”

Todays’ issue proves that some of the biggest brands in the market have already refreshed and restructured their products to cater to their different consumer’s needs. Using a single Neutral-shade to three co-equal gorgeous ladies with three different skin tones is just totally possible. Now, to elevate the looks, I added shimmery warm-tones such as bronze, copper and gold on their eyes, cheeks and lip.

As an artist– not seeing colors in a “normal” way, that probably sounds cool to see on a label for artists like me, I opt for neutral colors. My all-time favorite and go-to color palette simply because anyone can wear such shade – oh yes! Anyone with skin – irrespective of color, age and event. So when in doubt, wear neutral colors because it matches perfectly with any other color.

To show you how neutral color is applied to different skin tone, prep the skin with Strokes Beauty Lab’s Lush Skin Moisturizer with a non-comedogenic and non-greasy formula, which absorbs quickly into the skin, keeping the skin calm, hydrated and smooth. Adding its nutrients and antioxidant property making it suitable for all skin types as a great makeup base and primer. Also, I used their Niacinamide Serum that can help build proteins in the skin and lock in moisture to prevent environmental damage. It can also help regulate the amount of oil the sebaceous glands produce and prevent your glands from going into overdrive. It is beneficial for all skin types.

Before applying the foundation, I applied a generous amount of L.A Girl Pro Conceal Corrector to the eye area to neutralize any darkness around it. I used the shade peach for Vienne and the shade orange for Luna. It is pretty normal for them to have dark circles because of their Turkish and Ethiopian background.

I want the skin as natural looking as possible so to keep it light and glowy, I applied Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation. It has a medium-full coverage, a few pumps will go a long way and It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. You can use any foundation applicator that works for you.

If you want a full coverage then go for a dense foundation brush. For a more natural looking effect, use a beauty blender or simply use your fingertips.

To highlight the center of the face, Revlon ColorStay Concealer is my best pick, which is 2-3 shades lighter from their skin shade. The formulation of this concealer is amazing since it’s so easy to blend, it’s buildable, not cakey and doesn’t dry up quickly. A little tip though, with the use of a beauty sponge, it will allow you to even the product more beautifully. Work it around the eye area, the bridge of the nose, center of the forehead, down to the cupid’s bow and the chin area.

For a seamless and undetectable contouring, I used 3-4 shades darker of the same foundation that I used on them, it’s easier to blend and very natural looking.

Now for the cheeks, I used a fluffy brush to apply two incredible products from Strokes Beauty Lab’s Chic Cheek Collection, the Crush Blush & Face Flash 

To keep things in place, topped up BSKIN finishing powder all over the face to achieve this gorgeous luminous finish, making the skin look undeniably healthy and glowy

Vienne Shirin

Vienne is a Filipino-Turkish born in Germany, raced both in the Philippines and in Germany. She speaks Filipino, English, German, Spanish and French.

Strokes Beauty Lab                      

Eyes: Eye Paint Duo in Truffle Dazzle and Sleek Gel Eyeliner in Onyx Black  
Brows: Brow Fixer Clear Brow Gel  
Cheeks: Crush Blush in Rebel and Face Flash in Gold Rush
Lips: Velvet Click Stick in Contessa topped with Silk Kiss in Passionate Peach

LunaLuna Zander

Luna is a German-Ethiopian born in Adis Ababa the capital of Ethiopia. She speaks Amharic, German, English and Spanish.

Strokes Beauty Lab  

Eyes: Eye Paint Duo in Bronzed Chocolate and Sleek Gel Eyeliner in Onyx Black  
Brows: Brow Fixer Clear Brow Gel and Microblade Pen Perfector
Cheeks: Crush Blush in Rebel and Face Flash in Copper Sunset
Lips: Velvet Click Stick in Teresa (center) and Copperhead (line)

Riona Johnston

Riona is a Filipino-Irish born and raced in Santa Cruz, Laguna Philippines. She speaks English and Tagalog

Strokes Beauty Lab

Eyes: Eye Paint Duo in Desert Flare and Sleek Gel Eyeliner in Onyx Black  
Brows: Brow Colorist in Neutral Brown and Miroblade Pen Perfector in Bronzite
Cheeks: Crush Blush in Demure and Face Flash in Champagne 
Lips: Velvet Click Stick in Cameo topped with Face Flash in Champagne

I hope in the years to come, the campaign for diversity and inclusivity will not just be a simple historical strategy, but rather an evolution that will improve constantly and permeate the communication platform to sustain its life, for the human race co-exists with “differences”.

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Photographer : El Retrato Manila
Makeup and Beauty Editor: Mauri Estrada
Hair Styling: Misty Gabriel
Stylist and Creative Director: Robin Rodriguez
Models: Vienne Shirin, Luna Zander and Riona Johnston
Words: Riezl Cruz
Shot on location: El Retrato Manila

Special Thanks to;
Spotted Magazine Editor-in-chief: Von Buenconsejo
Designer: Jeff Serrano
Farah Ramos of Farah Models