Journey to Self-Love

We have all been in awe of how amazing celebrities look, we patronize what they usually endorse, but most recently we have seen a new trend. We now care more about the causes they advocate, and we more admire them for what they believe in and stand for. Indeed, they are becoming their own brand. One celebrity, Maxene Magalona, who has been so vocal about SELF-LOVE is leveraging her power of influence into that.

Who doesn’t need self-love nowadays, anyway, especially since Valentine’s Day is around the corner? We’re not saying that we shouldn’t swoon for love, but wouldn’t it be best to show yourself the same love you shower on others? Surely, Maxene has a lot to say about that as she shared with us her spiritual and arduous journey toward self-love.

Daughter of the Pinoy Pop Icon, Francis M, anyone can only assume that she’s so used to being under the spotlight. But behind the strong aura is a vulnerable and sincere woman who’s not afraid to speak her mind. She seemed radiant and relaxed, but we were more in awe of how she can make everyone listen to her. That is truly admirable, a talent only a legacy has. She even jested, ‘sorry na anak ng rapper’, to the delight and laughter of everyone. That simple gesture made working with her a breeze.

Regarding her mental health issues.

When we ask her why her social media accounts turned out to be so inspirational, she shared that a couple of years back, she made the decision to go on a natural healing journey when she was diagnosed mental health condition known as Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. “I realized that a lot of people will be able to learn from the lessons and experiences that I was going through. God gave me a voice for this purpose—to authentically share about my healing journey while helping and inspiring others to hopefully start their own.”, Maxene said. This healing journey must be the key to her ability to clear her mind and make the most logical judgment, hence, choosing herself.

On how she handles pressureand expectations.

A lot of us will crumble at the expectations and the weight of perfection that the Entertainment Industry demand but the pressure must be so enormous given that she was dealing with a mental health condition. But she couldn’t care less about that. She was so reflective when she said that the pressure gets a lot to her when she was younger. According to her, ever since she went on the path of healing and spirituality, she now understands that being part of her family is part of her purpose—so that she can reach more people who need help when it comes to healing and self-work. “I am grateful for the platform that God blessed me with when He made me an actor in this lifetime. I am an artist but I am also a teacher at heart which is why I welcome the challenges that come with being a celebrity. No matter how noisy or chaotic this industry gets, at least I have a wider reach to be able to spread the teachings and share the word of God as much as I can. Also, being spiritual allows me to see myself as a unique soul”, she mentioned.

On self-discovery.

She did not turn out to be spiritual out of the blue. Everything that has happened to her led her to that, especially when she got stuck in Bali during the pandemic with her ex. “ I found my true and authentic self underneath all the labels such as my name, age, gender, race, and job title. With the help of my spiritual teachers, I was able to connect to my soul. I finally got to know myself on a deeper level and discovered who I really am without the stories of the past or the worries of the future. I learned how to be present and to just be with myself—flaws and all. I learned to forgive myself for my past mistakes and develop more self-compassion as I went deeper into my healing journey. I realized that I am capable of change and that as humans, we are supposed to grow and evolve which is why I never stopped working on myself. I studied yoga and meditation so that I can get to know myself even more. I now understand that we are constantly changing and growing which is why we should always hold ourselves gently through the ups and downs of life. No one is coming to save us but ourselves. I owe my soul the best version of myself because I am worthy and deserve nothing but the best that this life has to offer”, Max shared.

On why we should stay grounded.

Surely, her ability to be so nice and get along with everyone is amazing. Being a people person and charismatic must have been passed on by following her father’s wise words.  As per Maxx, one of the most important lessons that her dad shared with her was the fact that our job as artists is just a job and that we shouldn’t think that we are higher or more important than others just because we appear on television. “He told me that we are all equal in the eyes of God and I believed him because I saw how he treated the people around him equally. He didn’t care whether you are the CEO of a company or a janitor, he would treat you the exact same way. He had a sincere love for everyone around him and made us all feel special. He was never arrogant or boastful about his accomplishments or his status. He was authentic, flawed, fearless, and genuinely kind. He wasn’t perfect and made his fair share of mistakes but he always got back up whenever he would fall. He is my idol and my best friend”, she said.

On broken relationships.

It’s an open secret that Maxene had a rough patch with her family and marriage. Just like most of us, she had conflicts with them that had led to a lasting impact, even trauma. But her spiritual journey of healing gave her a sound perspective on it.

It’s never easy to experience struggles with family and loved ones but what I learned through these difficult times is that it is absolutely normal and healthy for people to take breaks from one another especially when the energy between them has become toxic and unhealthy. This is no one’s fault. It just so happens that when people start growing and changing, the energy between them naturally changes and the harsh truth is that sometimes, they don’t become a vibrational match anymore. This is scientifically and energetically proven. So it is up to us to decide whether or not we will allow the energy of those who do not match ours to still be a part of our lives. Always ask yourself—is this soul-draining your energy or charging it? It doesn’t matter if they are your family. If the relationship has already become toxic and unhealthy, it’s time to let it go and move towards relationships that will help you grow and evolve.”, Maxene soundly advised.

On dealing with online hateand negativity.

Just like other celebs, there was so much hate surrounding her most recently, but responding with grace and dignity has been her key to overcoming all that. This made her different from others. Her authenticity and sincerity toppled everything that came along her way. As per Maxene,  it’s best to understand that those who hate are actually very miserable inside because they are holding on to a lot of unprocessed pain. Instead of fighting them or judging them, we should practice showing them genuine kindness and compassion. Pray for our haters. Lift them all up to God. That way, we get to send them good energy while our heart softens and our soul strengthens as we develop more compassion for others. Being kind to the unkind is a powerful and magical act of love that can help make this world a better place. This is one of the ways that you can serve God. Surely, no amount of hate can break Maxene’s spirit.

On self-love.

This Valentine’s Day, we might be so busy looking for love everywhere. Maxene is right, to find true love, we need to look inward first. Though it may be self-indulgent to others to focus on yourself because you can’t give the love that you don’t have. You can only love others if you love yourself enough. We have to heal ourselves first from trauma and surely, being compassionate with ourselves can do wonders not only with our mental health but also with our physical health. Not only that this will ease our anxiety aside but this will eventually lead us to become better versions of ourselves.

More than ever, we crave to hear and see Maxene more and for all others to hear what she can share. If not for a podcast, we are looking forward to a talk show or more vlogs because her goodness can touch so many lives, especially those who are in a rough patch right now. We can only look forward to what’s next for her, as for now,  you can check out her Instagram account @maxenemagalona for more. You may also check out her favorite book, “The Untethered Soul” by Michael A. Singer as it answered so many of her questions about the purpose of life and existence here on Earth. As per her, It opened her eyes and heart as well as awakened her soul to the realization that we are more than our physical bodies. Like us, she always thought that life was just about working for money and becoming successful in our careers. Through this book, she learned that we are all souls that come from one consciousness and that we are here to fulfill our life purpose while serving God and the rest of the world.

If you aren’t inspired by all that she said, we don’t know any more what could. Let’s all be attuned to our own needs this Valentine’s day by saying yes to YOU. Let’s all be gentle to ourselves, forgive ourselves, and laugh a bit more often. Life is a journey that is meant to be enjoyed so just breathe and stay in love, everyone!

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