Althea in Bloom

althea ablan

Petit fleur

Eyeing to join showbiz since she was 6 years old, it has been pretty clear to Althea what she enjoyed. After years of gaining experience with commercials,it wasn’t until she found herself on the set of the 2015 GMA drama series, Beautiful Strangers, that she was discovered by television director Albert Langitan. At the time, Althea was playing a young version of Heart Evangelista’s character.

With a lot of years of work even before she hit 20, Althea was not immune to the difficult part of joining showbiz young. She recalls often being home late and then needing to go to school afterwards but despite this setup, she finds the silver lining in what she enjoys best. “Pinakaenjoyable […] maka-meet ng friends especially veteran actors. Excited ako sa mga guesting shows or new serye,”she says. And part of her flourishing as a young celebrity are people that support her growth. Among such important people in her career that she cites is Ana Feleo. “Ms. Ana Feleo she’s [a] really good [mentor] at hindi niya ako pinapabayaan at iba kong co-artist na humarap sa camera basta-basta. Because acting ay hindi basta aarte ka lang sa harap ng camera, dapat inaalam mo yung character na gagawin mo.”

You would think celebrities have it easy but another thing that’s refreshing about Althea is her fearlessness for being real.

Candid about auditions that didn’t work, opportunities that didn’t push through, and snaps of reality that didn’t always live up to the imagination – Althea is honest that sometimes life doesn’t always go according to plan, but even then, we can still find beauty in it.

Wary to let herself be excited when the prospect of joining Prima Donnas came, she viewed the opportunity as just maybe one of those opportunities that might slip just like others did in the past. But the young actress was in for a surprise. The top-rated Kapuso drama Prima Donnas – wherein she co-starred with Kapuso stars Jillian Ward, Sofia Pablo, and other talented artists – turned out to be Althea’s big break in showbiz.

And now, keeping her momentum and currently shooting with Shayne Sava for the upcoming Kapuso afternoon primetime serye, ‘AraBella’, Althea continues with her growth as a young woman in the industry. And perhaps even early on in her career, it’s easy to trace a theme that stands out – the chips fall where they may and life can still pleasantly surprise us even if we think we’ve got it all figured out.

A rosy life

  “Other than being of legal age, I am most excited to explore and be independent,” says Althea about turning 18.

 Transforming into a princess in pink on her 18th birthday celebration at EDSA Shangri-La, Althea’s debut was attended by family, friends, coworkers, and important figures in her career. Among the attendees were Sparkle executives Atty. Annette Gozon-Valdes, AVP for Talent Management and Development Joy Marcelo, and Sparkle Consulting Head for Talent Imaging and Marketing Lawrence Tan. Her showbiz friends and her AraBella co-stars Wendell Ramos, Camille Prats, and Shayne Sava were also in attendance.

Surprising her guests with a musical and dance performance, Althea didn’t only come serving looks but major talent, too.

Despite the glamor of her birthday bash, she knows that a party isn’t all there is to turning 18. “[It] is a milestone for adulthood […] big responsibilities await,” Althea acknowledges. Although she’s used to making decisions as a young artist, the prospect is even more exciting because of the expectation she has for herself: a wiser Althea. “I’m looking forward to show everyone the more mature side of me. I need to act […] my age and continue to be a good role [model] to others.”

On top of her to-do list are charity works, becoming the best version of herself, and providing everything for her family. “Ever since I was a kid, helping [my family] and giving them all they want is all I wanted. Also, I want to be an inspiration to many,” she says when asked about her motivation to excel as an actress in the industry. Keeping her parents’ advice to keep her feet on the ground and to be grateful to God, Althea may be on high speed to achieving her goals, but she remains grounded and thankful.

Proud of where she is today, the AraBella star draws empowerment from a deeper reason than just aesthetics. As a celebrity, confidence seems kind of a given, but during moments of doubt – it’s more than just rocking a pair of heels or fancy clothes that Althea uses to pull her back into positivity. “[What makes me confident is] focusing on my intentions more than my results,” she imparts. “If I’m being authentic to myself, if I’m staying true to myself, then I’ve won. Even if the outcome fails, I’ve still won. Because to me, ‘winning’ means staying true in the moment.”

Beyond her personal goals for herself, Althea aspires to continue becoming a role model. And when you’re a young celebrity who has her priorities straight and aspires to be in the lane of truth – what is it that records might show? That you’re on track and it’s a job well done.