Kristine Hernaez Sanchez: Life In the Fast Lane

MANILA, Philippines – When we think of motorized vehicles, our immediate thought is masculine. Car shows are dominated by male customers and women are seen beside the vehicles, the token car girls.

Good thing today’s generation is empowered to change this perception. Great thing one of them is Kristine Sanchez, an influencer for motoring, beauty, and fashion, also known as @motowifey.

We caught up with Kristine one fine day for a short but sweet tété-a-tété, and this is how it went:

Hi, Kristine! How are you today?

I am ecstatic to be featured in Spotted magazine 💕


Aside from your stunning beauty, you are most associated with cars and bikes. How did your interest in them begin? Who is/are your influences and how?

It started at a young age. I joined car racing (specifically slalom, circuit, and autocross) then my love for cars grew that I even built my own race car from scratch.

With big bikes, my husband influenced me. First on track, from zero riding experience to the streets. As of this moment, riding motorbikes makes me feel more alive than riding four wheels.


Have you ever thought about competing in the motoring arena? Why or why not?

I used to compete with car racing back then. I would say It’s really fun. But right now I don’t have any plans on competing (NEVER SAY NEVER THOUGH!) and i just enjoy riding whenever I have time.


How do you juggle business (nail salon), work (Toyota Sales Manager), content creation, traveling, and your hobbies and sports (baking, motorbike, tennis)?

Things are easy, when you love what you do and I also have a strong support system.


Usually when we talk about cars and bikes we associate them with men. What are your thoughts on this? What’s it like to be a woman in a very masculine world?

Men and women are now equal. We can do things that people used to think only men can do. It’s fun to be in a sport/hobby used to dominated by men. It makes me feel powerful.

It’s 2023, things are evolving, I just hope they see women are also capable of doing what men are doing.


How do you think we can change this sexist mentality?

It may seem benign but for women it creates a climate of intimidation, fear, and insecurity. No one deserves to go through that; no one should tolerate it.

Since I believe in change, parents should be the first people to enlighten their children.


In a world where seeing a woman on two wheels is still a novelty, Kristine is working towards seeing this as part of normalcy without being sexualized.

Sexiness is not just about physical beauty and showing skin while doing a sexy dance in a 15-second video.

Sexiness is about the courage to make a difference, break perceptions, and change the norm — for the sake of future generations.


Photography Von Buenconsejo
HMUA Raffy Prieto Francisco
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