EXCEED2022 Accounting Convention

Get Ready to Exceed Limits in The Biggest Accounting Convention of the Year

The Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants – De La Salle University-Manila Chapter (JPIA-DLSU) will be holding the biggest annual accounting convention entitled EXCEED2022 this coming May 21-22, 28-29, 2022. Students from all over the country are invited to participate and engage as they go beyond limits in pursuing greater growth through the Accounting Convention and the Accounting Challenge. This event will also serve as the representative of student participation in the Centenary Celebration of the Accountancy Profession, an event spearheaded by the Philippine Regulatory Board of Accountancy.

EXCEED has always paved the way for gathering the best and the brightest business and accounting students all over the country through its annual challenges and conventions. With this year’s theme of ‘’Recalibrating the Norm: Augmenting Integrity and Business Synergy’’, EXCEED2022 aims to capture the goal of heightening accountability and transforming business minds into opportunity-seeking and critical ones whilst creating limitless opportunities in various industries for the greater growth of society.

The Accounting Convention

Future business leaders are invited to listen and be inspired by the expertise and wisdom of the speakers hailing from dierent areas of specialization through the Accounting Convention. Interested participants may choose to aend three events, namely the Plenary, the Simultaneous Classes, and the Symposium.

EXCEED2022 will be opening with the Plenary wherein directors and partners from top firms in the country are invited to a panel discussion to share their experiences and insights about the theme provided.

Meanwhile, the Simultaneous Classes will be a two-part series that will cover classes in specialized topics relating to business. Classes will include but will not be limited to academe, investment, career, and innovation which will help pique the curiosity of the participants in the vast field of accounting and business.

Lastly, the Symposium will be capping o EXCEED2022 by highlighting the roles of accountants in the dierent fields of accounting and business. Invited keynote speakers will be from the dierent branches of accounting, namely Public, Commerce and Industry, Academe, and Government.

In its eleventh iteration, EXCEED2022 continues to inspire students and future business leaders to go above and beyond to create a beer normal, and a more inclusive future for everyone. The event aims to empower leaders to be the catalyst of change that acts with honesty, fairness, and incorruptibility not just at present, but in the future as well.

If you’re interested, here are the following details to register: EXCEED2022 Accounting Convention

Application Period: March 26, 2022 – April 22, 2022

Application Kit: bit.ly/EXCEED2022Convention-ApplicationKit For more information, log on to EXCEED’s Facebook page.