On The Spotlight Featuring Angelina Montano

Showbiz children following the footsteps of their parents is something very common in the Philippine Industry. So when the beautiful daughter of veteran actor Cesar Montano and Sunshine Cruz first caught the public eye, it was without a doubt, safe to say that there’s a new girl to watch out for.

Adding to the main sections of our monthly issue, we decided to start featuring celebrities and their personal preferences when it comes to fashion, cosmetics and everything in between.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning. upon arrival of the pretty young lady clad in a simple gray tank and shorts she introduced herself politely.

She then went to have her make up done and went to proceed for her pictorial.

After a very fun and light shoot we had the privilege to interview her.

How do you feel Angelina?
I feel really exhausted but very very happy.

When did you come to r realize that you wanted to be in show business?
It actually just happened last year. That’s when I started to learn how to play the ukulele and then once I played the ukulele I started how to sing as well. And then I started to post covers of songs in Instagram and that’s when Universal Records they messaged my mom if they could have me and that when it all started. It was really exciting.

Are you more an Instagram or Facebook user?
Instagram po.

Do you feel any pressure given that your mom and your dad are both celebrities? Why?
Yes of course. But then it also gives them other people high expectations from me since knowing that my mom and dad already have a lot of achievements and that makes me motivated to achieve more.

Can you tell us what career path are you want to take?
For now I want to focus on singing lang and studies of course.

What about dancing?
I don’t really know how to dance but hopefully in the future I’ll learn how to.

Who do you take after more when it comes to your talent? Your mom or your dad? Who gives more suggestions or advices career wise?
My mom. She’s that one who helps me in singing.

Who is that one celebrity that you idolize the most and why?
Liza Soberano. Because she’s a great actress and she’s very humble and friendly. I like that. She’s really pretty.

Do you have any celebrity in mind that you wish to work with in the near future?
Liza Soberano. If not, my mom. Or Diego Loyzaga.

Knowing that your mom is very fashionable, how can you define your fashion sense? style?
More of like whatever for as long as comfortable. Sometimes I ask my mom for advice. Like mom is this okay with this. She also gives me advice as well.

Who do you consider as your fashion icon?
Either Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid.

Since make up is a staple in show business and knowing that you are young, what kind of products do you use?
Well since my mom, she’s an endorser of Ever Bilena. Ever Bilena gives her like make up of course. Then she gives it to us so that’s what we use mostly. Ever Bilena or Careline.

What’s your beauty regimen?
Every morning after I wake up I wash my face tapos moisturizer and before I go to sleep as well.

Are there any brands of make up that you can recommend?
Ever Bilena.

Are you more of a designer kind of girl or in the trend kind of fashionista?
Any will do naman.

What’s your guilty pleasure in fashion? Bags? Shoes? Accessories?
Shoes. Mostly shoes talaga.

Care to share a bit on what’s in your bag?
What I keep is Lip Balm. Lip tint and a little bit of blush. Because I have to carry that with me. Like those three things I really need to have. Because i’m pale kasi po. And my mom recommends me to always bring lip balm and lip tint.

What piece of advice can you give your fellow teenagers who aspire to be on the business?
Just to be yourself. Because you won’t go wrong with being yourself

This young lady is simple and still a bit shy.

If I may suggest and if I were to shop for her, I believe some brands she can start investing on at this age are: Gucci backpack, ace sneakers, Chanel wallet on chain, Celine nano.

Clothes- paul and joe sister, self portrait, T by Alexander Wang

Shoes- Gucci, gianvitto rossi, chanel ballerina flats

’til the next!