Summer Skincare and Quick Makeup Tips by Mauri Estrada

Summer is the season we look forward to as we take a break from the hassle of our busy lifestyle. A moment to breathe out and bare it all. It is in this season that we usually prefer to be on the lighter mood – getting excited smashing up those lockdown belly fats and putting on that childhood fantasy of Malibu Barbie looks. But to doll up bare flawlessly in summertime, you need to keep in mind two things – more and less. It is a-must to get your skin protected from the sweltering heat of the sun using the most effective sunscreens and skincare products. Second, wear less makeup. Bare is not totally the absence of makeup; rather applying less that lasts throughout the day. Now I see those bubble questions slowly popping out on your head. Don’t stress out, here’s to give you my quick makeup tips on how to get those real life Barbie on board in no sweat.

But first, we begin with proper skin prepping. As a makeup artist, I always stressed out the importance of skincare routine in laying out the foundation for a beautiful and flawless makeup. So let’s keep the ball rolling to check out these super-easy steps to help prepare your skin for makeup application.

The world of beauty is undeniably fascinated with the popularity of K-beauty products and its unstoppable influence in our everyday care. It’s for this reason that we explore and continuously discover products that best suit our skin type needs. So let me introduce to you this amazing and totally satisfying skin care brand that I have recently discovered in my quest for best of the best K-beauty products in the market. True to its promise, BSKIN is an all-natural skincare line that has an enough range of product lines perfect for all your skin concerns. Here are some few amazing products I used for my beautiful model Renée Hartshorne.

1.Wash your face with mild soap or facial cleanser designed for your skin type. You can double cleanse if you must especially at night, depending on the amount of dirt exposure you had all throughout the day.

2.Exfoliate is a non-negotiable word when it comes to skin care routine. It’s a perfect ground up practice to always start fresh.

3.Use Vita Advance Natural Balance Essence and gently pat onto your face to hydrate and restore your skin to its natural pH balance.

4.Once the essence is fully absorbed by the skin, apply Eye Care Multi-tasking Power Serum. Gently pat a small amount of the serum around the eyes with your ring finger. For extra soothing effect, store it in the fridge. It deeply moisturizes, firms and brightens the delicate skin around the eyes.

5.If you have pimple breakouts, the Anti-Acne 3C Spot Treatment is best for you. You may apply once or twice a day to affected area. Otherwise, you are perfectly fine, so you may skip this step.

6.Nourish, hydrate and protect your skin by applying gently a light texture and oil-free daytime moisturizing cream on your face, like Vita Advanced Day Cream, as it is easily absorbed by your skin and leaves no sticky feeling.

7.And lastly, apply SS Cream all over your face and neck. It’s a 3-in-1 formula containing a very light natural and skin-like foundation, SPF50/PA+++ and makeup base.

We are all set to pulling off that Malibu Barbie inspiration for real. Relax and breathe out as I walk you through these impressive life hacks that will surely change your everyday makeup game.

Using only two products from Strokes Beauty Lab, you can achieve this Majestic Ray summery makeup looks in a breeze. You read it right, with just two amazing and well-crafted products from Strokes Beauty Lab and your looks will surely go a long way.

Using either your fingertips or makeup brushes, apply Strokes Velvet Click Stick in Cameo shade to your eyelids, lips and cheeks. This shade works perfectly for summer as it creates a warm orange nude tone- compatible for all sorts of skin tone.

To finish the looks with a gleaming effect, top Strokes Silk Kiss Lip Oil in Passionate Peach on your lids, cheeks and lips – radiating the fine golden sunset of the world’s glorious beauty.



Photographer:  KP Ness & Ed Advincula
Stylist & Creative Director: Robin Rodriguez
Makeup Artist: Mauri Estrada
Hair Stylist: Misty Gabriel
Model: Renée Hartshorne of Farah Models
Shot on Location: W Studio

Special Thanks to:
Von Buenconsejo
Farah Ramos of Farah Models
BSKIN Philippines
Strokes Beauty Lab
W Studio