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Princeton’s Perfect World

It’s difficult to imagine the talented singer when he’s not in the company of a crowd or adoring fans.  For a celebrity, the expectation is typical: loud, unmistakably striking, and unabashed.  But Princeton breaks this mold.  “[I’m] different out of the limelight,” he shares.  “I’m a home body and love to be alone in silence.” Jacket, PARAVAL;  Shirt, H33M; Pants,…

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On The Right Track Featuring Marlon Blue

He started his career in runways and now he’s making another career path in acting, Marlon Blue is an Austro-English, who already appeared in movies such as Fury (2014), Lion (2014), The Royals (2015) and this 2019 he is set to have another movie titled Goitaca. A guy who happened to overcome things he didn’t imagine he could, Marlon enjoyed…

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