Her day with the universe: Harnaaz Sandhu’s Miss Universe 2021 win by Mobius Uniqur

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Venus and Moon are usual mainstays in the janma kundli or birth chart of beauty pageant winners. These grahas/planets even show up as the lords of the time periods or dasha on the day they were crowned of their respective beauty titles.

Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu
(Photo from her Twitter account

Let us see how this is the case with Ms. India’s Harnaaz Sandhu who was crowned Miss Universe 2021 last December 12, 2021 in Eilat, Israel. Her running dasha in vimshottari during the day she won the prestigious beauty title was Rahu-Venus-Moon.

  1. Rahu mahadasha lord lies on the 10H in Cancer in her janma kundli, the house of prominence and social status. Rahu in this position aspects her 4H where Venus is, the karaka of beauty which is also both her lagnesh and atmakaraka.
  2. The same Venus is the antardasha lord. The latter, in its 4H location, is also together with the Moon, the lord of the 10H which we just mentioned. This makes her Venus and Moon belong to the same house in the sign of Capricorn.
  3. And the same Moon was the pratyantardasha lord at the time.

So Rahu and Venus-Moon on the other are mutually aspecting each other.

When we get to the Yogini dasha of that period, Venus was the mahadasha while Rahu was in antardasha. The same pair repeated

Ms. Harnaaz’s janma kundli (left); Transit chart of the Miss Universe 2021 coronation night (right)

Looking at the transit of the coronation day:

  1. Transiting Rahu in Taurus sign was aspecting her natal Venus in 4H.
  2. While transiting Venus fell on the same house/sign as her natal Venus (Capricorn).
  3. Moon, the pratyantardasha lord of that period, was transiting her 6H (the house of competition) in Pisces sign. The said Moon also conjoined with her natal Mars.

On the other hand, when we look at Venus (4H in Capricorn) and Mars (6H in Pisces) in her kundli, these are the exalted rulers of the other graha’s sign.

Through the above composite reading of the vimshottari and yogini dashas, we are able to see how the Venus graha played as a central significator (karaka) in signifying her win for the Miss Universe crown.

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Note: The above astrological reading uses jyotish or vedic astrology calculation.

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