La vida local: Filipino Online Marketplace, PiliLokal, Empowers Pinoy artisans

It’s a good time to be a creative with PiliLokal. The pandemic might have put some business operations to a halt but the Filipino brand of creativity continues.



PiliLokal, a platform developed by Pinoy techpreneurs based in New York, is a stage for great works of Filipino artisans. Using some of their savings to tap local artisans and to build a website, the group has leveraged the influence of information technology to help fellow Filipinos especially at a time when many of the consumers are at home and frequently in front of a screen.The Filipino group jumped in on a collaborative effort that would then turn into an opportunity for local businessmen to showcase their products online without needing to worry about how to generate hype on their own.


PiliLokal’s CEO Rizza Villaflor, an MBA graduate in New York City was inspired by the Filipino brand of resiliency. And at the stretch of the pandemic that surprised the global community, this resilience that inspired the growth of PiliLokal remains strong and visibly clear as Filipinos have found ways to adapt without skimping on optimism and creative flair.

Marahuyo X PiliLokal

Directly translating to “choose local”, the store’s ambitions is headed towards helping more Filipinos get more access to knowing and choosing more of what fellow Pinoys have to offer. Adapting to the current climate wherein much of the activity of buyers are now online, PiliLokal is a one-stop shop where Filipino-made items are recognized, FIlipino merchants are easy to locate, and one becomes immersed into the vibrant community of Filipino sellers and buyers.


Although there is no shortage of homegrown talent, we might have only seen the tip of the iceberg and PiliLokal remedies this by placing into the spotlight the work of more Filipino creatives and entrepreneurs, helping SMEs with massive opportunities to develop their clientele.

It’s a win-win for buyers and sellers alike. Buyers get to purchase and discover fresh finds from the local marketplace at the tap of their fingertip. Sellers, without needing to bank on popularity, now have an opportunity to be recognized too and be on the same footing with other esteemed local brands.

Allowing a digital space where small-to-medium enterprises can thrive is a helpful step in the recovery of businesses amidst the pandemic. By helping businesses back on their feet in an optimized and tailored platform where the craft of local talents can shine, the growth of PiliLokal is wonderful news not only to those within its team but to the local economy, too. Amassing a growing number of merchants and more products that showcase the Pinoy talent, PiliLokal at its fiber is a creative hub of wordclass ideas by Filipinos, for Filipinos.

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