Nicole Syjuco: OOTD is the key

Fashion for this generation has often been summed up into the phrase “Instagram-worthy.”

Every mix and match of trends can change the tide, which is why blogger Nicole Syjuco has studied the fast-paced nature of social media and its love for easy-to-recreate looks.

Hear it from her words of passion.

Why did you choose to become a fashion designer-entrepreneur?
I chose to be a fashion entrepreneur because I love fashion. I love styling myself and showcasing my unique style through my OOTDs. I wanted to share my passion to my customers so that they can also showcase their style without spending too much.

What’s your favorite part of the job?
My favorite part of being a fashion entrepreneur is being able to not just to sell my products, but to wear them as well. When I sell a product, I make sure that it’s something that I really believe in. I don’t sell something I’m sure I won’t wear.

How do you forecast the trends?
It takes a lot of time to determine upcoming trends, but in order to do so, I really heavily rely on research. I’m constantly reading and researching. Social media helps a lot as well.

How do you relate to your audience and customers?
I try to always engage with them and put myself in their shoes. It also helps to always ask for feedback and suggestions.

As a fashion designer-entrepreneur, what is fashion?
Fashion, for me, is not just about wearing something trendy. It’s about showcasing your own style— who you are, your personality.

What are the necessary skills to qualify in your field?
Definitely open mindedness. You have to always be open to your customers’ suggestions and feedback. Because at the end of the day, they are the ones that will buy.

What ethics should you have in order to become successful?
Don’t be afraid to take the risk. If you want to be a fashion entrepreneur, just do it. You’ll never know if you can make it if you don’t try.

As she encourages people to embrace their own uniqueness, she has become an inspiration to her fellow bloggers and fashion entrepreneurs.

Nicole believes that a woman will never go out of style if she pairs every outfit with confidence and a positive attitude. Surely, there will be a room for her to create her own trademark in fashion.