Jaz Cerezo: In Style

Jaz Cerezo’s career in the fashion industry seems like it’s written in the stars. Coming from a family that owns a textile business in Dagupan City, Jaz has already mastered the art of styling.


As she ventures into the field, Jaz’ recounts her past experiences that has paved the way of her career.

Question: Why did you choose to become a fashion designer-entrepreneur?
Growing up, my family owns a textile business back in Dagupan City. So, it wasn’t a surprise for me to become a fashion designer because I was literally raised in this business.

 What’s your favorite part of the job?
I think doing something I love is the best part and flexible working hours.

 How do you to forecast the trends?
Social media has made it easy to know what the current trends are. Knowing your brand’s direction and staying true to your aesthetics is a bit more difficult to maintain.

 What inspired you to do your latest collection in the 2018 Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival?
Riyo Mori’s Gucci Evening Gown

 How do you relate to your audience and customers?
I design clothes that I too would wear. So, people wanting to wear my designs is quite personal to me, especially since most of our products are custom-made.

 What ethics should you have in order to become successful?
Over time, fashion has evolved. Now, the industry—or should I say, the environment is threatened by fast fashion. In a way, fashion is quickly becoming “disposable,” which is sad.

 What’s your message for the aspiring fashion designers?
Keep it up. There’s always room for improvement. Be original.

Showcasing her latest collection in the 2018 Panasonic Fashion Show, Jaz’ eclectic taste in fashion demonstrates not just talent but hard work and dedication to her pieces.

Keen to details, the designer makes it certain that the clothes she makes should be the clothes she imagines to wear.