Mia Claudio: Artsy is the New Classy

Art and fashion conquer the year as Spotted introduces Fillip Collections.

With their mid-century modern line, the brand offers different sets of designs that will satisfy every woman’s vintage flair.

Filip Collections is headed by its talented designer, Mia Claudio.

In this feature, Mia relates her inspiration to pursue arts and fashion and the brand’s latest wear.

Why did you choose to become a fashion designer-entrepreneur?
I took up Information Design as my major in college, but I’ve always had an interest in fashion. So, I decided to pursue this venture as a means of exploring and combining my interests. Putting up Fillip Collections allowed me to dabble with fashion while incorporating the things I know about design and art into the identity of the brand.

What’s your favorite part of the job?
My favorite part about building a fashion brand is the creative freedom behind it. I get to express my style and creativity when I put together collections. I also love that I’m able to share with others the same excitement I feel when I find a piece that I really love.

How do you forecast the trends?
I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to art history, so I try to showcase the roots of our designs through our posts. Apart from familiarizing oneself with design and art in general, I think that the best way to foresee upcoming trends is to stay updated with their comings and goings. The internet is a great source nowadays, especially Instagram where you can easily view new content from your favorite designers, artists and stylists.

What inspired you in your latest collection?
Our current collections were heavily inspired by the mid-century modern era. This period was characterized by some of my favorite design movements, so similar motifs were reflected in our current collections. If you’re keen on details, you might have even noticed that most, if not all of our pieces, were named after famous architects and artists of the era.

How do you relate to your audience and customers?
I like to relate to my customers by making sure that the products we offer pass the checklists of most female consumers. We like to maintain a reasonable price point without compromising the quality of our products. Our pieces are curated with great care and attention, in the hopes of presenting pieces that other people will really love.

As a fashion designer-entrepreneur, what is fashion?
Fashion is a great means of self-expression to its wearer. Even without abiding by present-day trends, you can definitely own your sense of fashion.

What are the necessary skills to qualify in your field?
I don’t think you really need a fixed set of skills to be a fashion entrepreneur, but I do think that it’s important to love what you sell and to really believe in your product.

 Another important thing is to communicate well with your consumers and ensure that your products are accessible to them.

What ethics should you have in order to become successful?
I think it’s very important to respect the intellectual property of other creators and to be honest and open with your consumers.

What’s your message for the aspiring fashion designers?
Fillip Collections is still starting out. I’m continuing to learn new things about running a fashion business, but my best advice would be to have a product that you truly believe in. Pay attention to the way your consumers respond to your brand and your products. Also, be open to feedback, and keep learning from imperfections and mistakes.

As a start-up business, Fillip Collections had already build a unique image for their brand. With designer Mia Claudio’s creativity and passion, she have produced brilliant masterpieces that the brand, and even the country, can be truly proud of.