New Kid On The Block Featuring Leila Alcasid

The Philippines have been blessed to have a lot of talented people in the industry. Take for instance one of the pioneer and “OPM King” Ogie Alcasid who has given us a lot of memorable songs has yet another legacy to share with us—- his beautiful and equally talented daughter. Leila.

Leila and her sister stayed in Australia since they were kids. In the early part of 2017, she announced that she will be staying in Manila to impart her talent which she took after her dad to all of us.

We had the chance to have an exclusive interview with the pretty young lady one Saturday morning.

Can you tell us something about yourself?
I’m very weird. I’m very like that person. I enjoy being with just family. You know basic things, I like to travel, I’m very low maintenance.

We all know that you were raised abroad. How and when did you finally decide to stay in Manila?
The decision came last July. I was studying at University of Sydney. I guess the how is I was very confused about you know when you’re teen and you’re thinking what you want but really don’t, I guess I was stressed ‘coz I don’t know what to do anymore. You know I was studying Politics degree and I really want to be a lawyer but I just didn’t feel it’s gonna happen so then my parents will like maybe you should try going to Philippines you haven’t been there for sol long maybe that would be the answer. You know spending time over there might help you find a little bit of yourself.

What do you aspire to be? Do you want to follow the footsteps of your dad?
I aspire to be just like my mom and dad. They’re my heroes. My mom, you know because I grew up with her specifically. She’s basically my bestfriend. If I reach the age of 65 and I’m like my mom then I’ll be happy. And in terms with my dad, same thing. He’s very admirable, he worked so hard to get to where he is. He achieved so many things. Again if I’m 65 and like my dad I’ll be so happy.

What career path do you wish to focus on? You think modeling or singing?
I’m thinking of singing. We’re actually working on some songs at the moment. Trying to figure out what kind of sound I have something like that. So, yeah I think music. I’m kind of taking acting workshops. I really enjoy it. And of course I enjoy modeling. I enjoy the shoots. It’s super fun. I really enjoy it. Anything on those areas I enjoy.

Do you have any celebrity you admire and wish to work with? – Kathryn Bernardo.
She was the first, it’s one of her films which is the first Filipino film that I watched. I think it was “She’s dating the gangster”. Immediately just fell in love with her and Daniel. For me she’s definitely one of my favorites. I already met her few times. But whenever I meet her I’m super shy. You know she’s such a friendly person. Very simple, down to earth. You know I don’t like high maintenance. So definitely I would love to work with her.

Tell us how your typical day goes by?
Usually, if it’s like a I guess one of my busiest day is usually going to the gym, cuddle my puppy, either having my tagalog workshop or acting workshop. Otherwise, I’ll go out with my dad, we’ll have dinner. I try to spend much time with family as much as possible.

Who is you fashion icon?
She’s a blogger. She’s from the US and I’ve been obsessed with her for years.

What are your fashion interest?
Recently I love playing around with more exciting stuff. My wardrobe are always been very neutral. So now being in showbiz obviously I needed to use a little bit more color. I enjoy playing around with different colors.

What is your collection?
I have a lot of Australian brands. I love Australian designers.

What is your Fashion Statement?
A little bit preppy, classy.

What is that one item you are currently wishing to own?
I don’t even know what I want. I really wanna nice hmmm I think what I wanna add to my wardrobe right now will be jackets. I need to add jackets.

Are you a bag or a shoe person?
Both. specially since I got here because one of my step mom’s favorite things are shoes and bags.  She started buying me a lot of shoes. And my appreciation just grew. I have a pair of Gucci slippers that I actually wear. I’m not wearing surprisingly today but I wear it all times.

I’ve had the privilege to shop for Leila’s step mom in the past, and I must agree that the songbird loves beautiful shoes. Leila must be slowly getting there.

We all look forward to what Leila has in store for us— from singing to fashion and everything in between.

With her mom, dad and loving and supportive step mom to guide her we know she will definitely rock the industry.

If I were to shop for this pretty girl I’d choose the following:

Dolce and Gabbana boycott tee

J brand denim jeans

a classic Chanel le boy

Chanel canvas espadrilles

Dolce and gabbana off the shoulder top

Frame distressed slim fit jeans

Gucci Princetown with fur

Gucci soho bag

Self Portrait dress

Chanel wallet on chain

Saint Laurent Jane heels

Oh, the endless choices and possibilities.

’til the next!