Alexander The Great

Putting the blog on fire with his charismatic look and undying creativity, this man will surely put you in flame, as we introduce to you the mind behind the music festival coming this month of May.

Alex unveils the creative concepts of his works, from writing music, vlogging, event planning and more.

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What attracted you to begin a career as an artist?

I didn’t choose the artistry. The artistry chooses me.

I’ve always been full of energy. I’ve always been a very creatively and emotionally driven individual. I do a lot of things in my life, driven by the way I feel passion towards things, so naturally, I was dragged to forms of expressions where I was able to be creative.

Who do you look up to, when it comes to your career?

My handler, manager, and my father, because they are also driven and supportive. They are the ones who’ll force the people around you to create an environment na seseryosohin ka nilang tao, and for me, it is really important, it’s not an easy job.

Overalls, IAOE; shoes, BALENCIAGA ; Tattered jacket, TIEDIET; shorts, IAOE; shoes, BALENCIAGA

Where do you derive your inspirations in writing your own songs?

I’m not really good at writing music, but I’m very into writing poems, poetry, and spoken words. So, what I do when I hear a song or a beat, I’ll do spoken words then I’ll do talk about my experiences, and I’ll try to fit it into the song, so it’s like how my others songs came to be.

You just had released your new Music Video for Dulo, what’s the story behind it?

When they say “meant to be” it’s not meant to be forever, it’s meant to be for now, like we are meant to find each other, we are meant to learn something from each other, now, and we are meant to feel the pain of separation, because it teaches us to grow, that’s what Dulo is, and it came from a real relationship.

Bago magpaalam, sa sandaling pagmamahalan, magpapasalamat dahil habang buhay kong dala dala, kahit sa dulo hindi tayong dalawa.

Overalls, IAOE; shoes, BALENCIAGA ; Tattered jacket, TIEDIET; shorts, IAOE; shoes, BALENCIAGA

You will be having your very first event coming this May, can you tell us more about it?

Yes! It is called Cinco De MayHem and It is going be a CincoDeMayo X Mexican Fiesta, which is a very Latin theme with the sumbreros, concessions, and lively music from our local artists.

All the Line-up are my friends, and the sponsors are from my friends, the media partners are my friends. I’m the creative director for the project, it’s basically my concept.

What do we expect from Cinco De MayHem?

Well, it’s gonna be a lot of fun – we have big local artists namely James Reid, Nadine Lustre, Kiana Valenciano, Quest, Divine, Patty Cho and so many more. They are all local artists who will be performing at Cinco De MayHem on the 4th of May at Vista Mall Daang Hari Open Grounds.

All locals, because for the first time we want it to be “Love Local, Love Your Own”, so everybody can enjoy and really feel the summer festival.


We noticed on your Instagram account that you are into being healthy and fit can you share to us the story behind it?

Fitness makes me happy to be alive.

I want to be able to save somebody’s life, just like how fitness saved my life. It’s much deeper for wanting to get abs, wanted to be slim.

I guess the overall theme of my Instagram is that I’m trying to advocate in everything that I do. To learn how to create a life that you’ve fallen in love, in every single day you wake up, even when it hurts, like I want people to count on their blessings.

What’s your favorite season?

Summer! Because I’ve got to flash my abs [Laughs] kidding! Simply because I love going to the beach, and I love traveling, syempre food for the soul, and summer is the perfect time for it.


The more you travel, the more your Vlog contains the sum up your adventure experiences?

 Yeah, anything that would give good content to my Vlog, why not?

Places that I would want people to go to. Places that I want to share with my viewers, and will give them the feeling of excitement to go there and explore, and enjoy the place.

With all these busy schedules, and a lot of works to do, do you find it difficult or does it make you feel passionate about doing?

As a person, I love discovering new things and experiencing new things. I really love being behind the camera – learning and giving my input to the team. I enjoy every process, and I appreciate the people and made me respect them more for doing a great job.

I am passionate about doing everything that I love and working with those people who have the same passion and goal as mine. I love being surrounded by passionate people, who also creates an opportunity for others to learn, grow and expand their ideas.

They are those kinds of people who will encourage you to be the best version of yourself.

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How about sharing some inspirational message to those dreamers who are also busy working hard for their dreams?

So, when it comes to your dreams, never undercut your imaginations, never undercut your drive in your vision and always aim for the stars, aim for the best, aim for the next galaxy! and put in the necessary work that it takes to get there.

If you believe in yourself, and put in the work 100% mararating mo lahat ng pangarap mo!

Printed silk coords, JERRICK MACASOCOL