Born To Be Stars

It is a year full of blessings and surprises for these new batch of Star Magic Circle 2019. From auditions and different piece of trainings, these fresh batch of Star Magic talents is ready to give you a new kind of charm. Get to know them, and you never know they might be the next superstars of their generation.

They already had their first group appearance last May 26 when they had their production number at ASAP, it was also the start of their new-found journey in the entertainment industry.


Melizza Jimenez

 Melizza Jimenez is grateful for being one of the 16 new faces of Star Magic Circle 2019 batch 22.

She kept on being appreciative to the cast of Star Magic and specifically mentioned Mr. M for the trust that was given to her. She felt the honor of being part of this industry and Praised God as she mentioned that this is a god given opportunity. She doesn’t know people that much, and was a bit shy at first but now that she is a part of a group she felt the warmth which now she calls it as family.

After a few months of the workshop, she worked her way up being a part of the movie Barcelona: A love Untold 2016 as her 1st project; portraying the role as the sister of Kathryn Bernardo. Followed by casting for Probinsyano, MMK, and Wansapanataym.

Melizza also loves to paint. Her medium is Acrylic pouring painting and uses emotions as her inspiration. She admires the works of Vincent Van Gogh and Jose T. Joya. other than that, she also loves making Youtube videos, sing, dance, watching movies, playing tennis, golf and football.

She prefers romance as the genre when comes to acting and mentioned her dream role is to become Dyesbel.


Eisel Seranno

This 20 years old sweet lady Eisel Serrano was flattered and surprised for being part of the 16 new faces of Star Magic Circle 2019.

She didn’t expect any of this – so she felt the honor and gave gratitude to the management of Star Magic.

She wants to showcase her talent more on acting and showing her skills when It comes to singing and dancing.  She mentioned that chill genre like old songs is what she prefers when comes to picking songs – like killing me softly or you’re still the one, and as for dancing with the help of her mentors or coaches she recently discovered that she has a talent for it which really helped her a lot to gain confidence.

Eisel prefers to portray the role of Antagonist, also her coaches encourage Eisel that it suites her face. She looks up to Bea Alonzo because of her versatility in taking up different kinds of roles and working with numerous leading actors.


Arabella Del Rosario

Arabella del Rosario is thrilled for what the future holds and for what Star Magic can offer. Arabella is honored for being part of the Star Magic Circle and humbled for it as she stated that not everyone is given the chance. She felt blessed and grateful for what God has given to her.

If not given the opportunity, she finds herself pursuing one of her dreams which is taking up Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Arabella mentioned that it was always her dream to become a vet med when she was a kid, and she has numerous kinds of pets sadly she lost some of it.

Being part of Star Magic is a big leap of faith for her because she never had a chance to become a part of TV commercials or such. It is also a struggle for her balancing her role as a student and an artist.

She is also passionate about singing and dancing. Arabella also loves sports such as badminton, swimming, ice skating, and horseback riding.

Arielle Roces

She felt awaken on how time flies. According to Arielle, ever since she got launched there were tons of guesting and mall shows. It has been overwhelming for her and she feels so blessed that she didn’t realize that she will be up for this scenario. “This is my destiny” she stated. 

When she was young she wanted to be a ramp model, unfortunately, she wasn’t blessed with the height requirement.
Luckily her sister is passionate about commercial modeling and got her in, since then, she was doing TV commercials and print ads that is how she saved her money to go around the world and how she was discovered to become part of Star Magic Circle.

Arielle was thankful for the free workshops as she discovered the huge space of improvement. 

She mentioned that she needs to hone her skills when it comes to acting and socializing with people because she was shy at first.

This 22-year-old model saw the difference of acting in TV commercials and acting for TV drama, it helped her a lot in those kinds of aspects.

Aiyanna Waggoner

Aiyanna Waggoner is 12 years of age and the youngest but the tallest among the girls of Star Magic Circle. She felt fortunate when asked how she felt being part of the industry. Aiyanna just can’t help to be appreciative of the break she ever had at a very young age. If not given the fortune, she finds herself doing modeling for a fashion show while continuing her academics.

It’s a challenge for Aiyanna and her mom to take the bus and travel back and forth from their hometown going to events here in Manila. It’s a good deed of her Manager for letting them stay or share their place here in Metro Manila.

She is a very jolly type of person.

Aiyanna looks up to the footsteps of Liza Soberano despite her elongated career in the industry.

Aside from being passionate about modeling, Aiyanna took advantage of her height playing Volleyball. On the other side of the coin, she prefers to do Horror movies and shows us versatile she can be.


Belle Mariano

She began appearing on television at the age of 9 in the comedy-themed show for kids Goin’ Bulilit and doing commercials and worked her way up to be part of this circle.

In spite of being a cast at an early age as her advantage, she humbly shares on how unbelievable it is for her to be part of Star Magic Circle. Belle is still grateful and blessed for the opportunity to showcase her talent to a larger audience.

She had numerous certain roles for MMK and other TV shows.

According to Belle, the most challenging role for her is portraying MMK characters. It upheaves her acting skills when the real character is watching them portray their stories.
Belle will also be part of 2 upcoming indie movies.

Aside from that she also wants to follow the footsteps of Bea Alonzo and would love to work with her.

When it comes to music, Belle loves to listen to Moira and Ben and Ben as for foreign music she adores Billie Eilish and a fan of Kpop music specifically BTS.


Sophie Reyes

showbiz royalty, from the roots of her great grandmother, award-winning actress Sigrid Sophia Agatha von Giese or better known by her screen name Paraluman, down to her grandmother Baby O’Brien and last but not the least daughter of Actress Rina Reyes.


Sophie tried several times to prove herself in this spot, after a couple of trials and test of patience she finally got the reward to be part of the new batch of Star Magic.


Now that she reached the age of 20 everything went to place, and according to her she is psychically, mentally, and spiritually prepared. She couldn’t believe when she found out that she’d part of the launch. She cried and shouted out of excitement and gratitude. Despite the trial and error she still shines bright.

Aside from acting and performing she is also into sports or fitness like football, volleyball, swimming, and cheering. Sophie also loves painting, writing songs, and stories. She also said that she has plans on writing a story about the life story of her family.

When it comes to acting Sophie gains inspiration from Angel Locsin for her versatility as an actress.

Gillian Vicencio

Gillian Vicencio is 19 years of age, she started as a commercial model – and had her first role in the Horror movie titled Errie.

So far this is the uttermost year for her because after portraying the role of Erika of the said film, next thing Gillian beholds is a spotlight as a new member batch of Star Magic 2019. It’s an overwhelming blessing year for her.

Aside from Cherry Blossom or Sakura flower as her favorite flower. She also admires Carnation, according to her somehow it looks like a Japanese paper and somehow co-relates to her passion for cooking. Gillian took a 2-year course of Culinary Arts if you will notice the flower has an effortless beauty wherein It doesn’t need to be properly placed when comes to plating.

Gillian is also into sports and loves playing volleyball.

She also wants to follow the footsteps of the following veteran actors and actress’:
Bea Alonzo, Jodi Santa Maria, Gina Alajar, Eddie Garcia, John Lloyd, and Jake Cuenca.


Jc Alcantara

 At the early age of 19, this talented actor had made it to the Star Magic Circle Batch 2019 along with the new members who used to be his new-found family today.  JC already made his appearance in a recent hit primetime soap Halik as Bogs.

When he will be given new projects in movies or in series, he watched different kinds of it, to learn and discover new tactics regarding on the character that he will be portraying so he can be prepared.

If given the chance JC wants to try acting in indie films – where he can learn and so he can hone more skills when it comes to his craft which is acting.

“I want to try my weaknesses. I want to see and discover those talent hidden in me.”

JC is very dedicated when it comes to acting – for this is his dream, and now he is enjoying it and will always be hungry to know and learn more in his journey as an actor.

Kyle Echarri

Projects ahead for this Kadenang Ginto star Kyle Echarri for being part of the Star Magic Circle Batch 2019. From singing to acting Kyle had proved that he can do more in his age.

 He hopes to release a second album and dreams of collaborating with his brothers Darren Espanto and Inigo Pascual. In terms of acting, Kyle is praying that in due time he would land a leading man role in a project.

 He is also happy about the good feedback that he is receiving from his fans. The appreciation and love that he keeps on getting today give him fuel to work hard even more in his craft.

 Kyle is also planning to continue his studies because for him education is something that should be prioritized. 

Javi Benitez

 From the corporate world to show business Javi Benitez is happy to where he is right now. He already did hosting when he was still young, then, had the chance to do modeling, and now he is in his dream place which is in the entertainment industry.

The runway has been his playground – it is where he builds his confidence and made him even better to make a connection with the audience. Now he is taking new steps ahead for he will be dealing with a bigger audience as he already debuted as part of the Star Magic Circle Batch 2019.

Being in the show business is a big risk for Javi that’s why he feels the pressure, but at the same time, he is excited for new opportunities and new people to meet.

Now he is enjoying what he is doing. He is more on the serious, and action kind of role. 

He is thrilled for this another journey of his and been doing a lot of training for he is also preparing for upcoming projects in the near future that the fans shouldn’t miss.

R.A Lewis

 R.A Lewis with a height of 6’3 and a Polish-Canadian-Filipino, he can be Harry Styles look alike. He likes sketching, reading, and if he has free time, he loves watching on Netflix.

He is also a fan of art. He used to act in plays when he was in high school, and from there he found out that he can do acting.

R.A takes down notes of things that he should do and avoid every time he’ll be doing an interview or a TV appearance. He prepares himself by practicing in front of the camera so that he can deliver everything naturally even though he is not fluent yet in Filipino.

He is not just a handsome face, but he has a lot more to offer for he is really working hard from learning the Filipino language to acting, dancing and singing in workshops, R.A has really been doing his best to improve and be the best version of himself.

 Kendru Garcia

 Five years he started as a trainee, he even wanted to give up, but then when he is about to lose hope he got an unexpected message from Star Magic to tell him that he made it to the Batch 2019, and from that day Kendru had become more responsible and discipline especially now that he is undergoing training together with the rest of the new members. 

 When asked the kind of role he wants to portray “I want to be seen on tv with powers like I can make fire, a typical sci-fi genre”. Now that he is starting a career in showbiz, he named those artists whom he wants to work with – John Lloyd Cruz and Coco Martin. 

Glen Vargas

 An artist who had been through a lot, from being part of a boyband before to acting solo in different projects from the past years, Glen Vargas was already molded from his experiences as an artist, and now with his charm and luck, he is now part of the Star Magic Batch 2019.

Been doing almost everything in front of the camera is somehow an advantage for Glen.

He has already experienced performing onstage with some foreign stars. And while others are still aiming of experiencing a casting call and shooting abroad, Glen has already done both in Singapore and Thailand, respectively. He has also initially shown off his acting chops in straight plays and in doing TV commercials.

His foray into the business has been notable but Glen actually started in it by chance. What he won’t live to chance, however, is having the opportunity to work with his idols such as Angelica Panganiban, Janella Salvador, Jericho Rosales, and Piolo Pascual, probably as a bida kontrabida.

Anthony Jennings

 Being in the show business is not what he thinks of being with, but he wants to try it and luckily, he had the opportunity to enter the real world of entertainment now that he is part of the Star Magic Batch 2019. 

 “Nahihiya sa una pero kapag tumagal na na-aadict ka na sa ginagawa mo. Gusto mo na lagi nasa harap ka ng camera, yung mga nahihiya akong gawin dati normal ko nang nagagawa.”

 Anthony has an innocent and appealing look that girls can be hooked. As sweet as his charm is his heart. Now that he is already working, his priority is to support and help his family.  

 You should not also miss his first movie appearance in the upcoming film starring Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards Hello, Love, Goodbye. Anthony was nervous and pressured at that time because he will be working with great actors, but he felt happy during the shoot because Direk Cathy is there to guide him and explains everything that he should know. 

 Did you know that he knows how to do Nan-chucks and he learned it from his uncle since he was ten, that’s why he wanted to do an action-comedy film.

 He overcomes his fears in front of the camera, and now he is ready for more exciting projects. Anthony is hungry to learn and experience new things and ready to spread good vibes with his newfound family. 

 Jeremiah Lisbo

Jeremiah Lisbo is 20 years old, standing 6 feet. He is a working student at a young age who juggles academics, modeling, and being the head of their college’s sports organization, but because he believes in training, hard work, and prayers – he manages to balance his studies and career all at the same time, and it just paid off for he is now part of the Star Magic Circle Batch 2019.

 With his discipline in everything, Jeremiah can have a good future ahead. He also put a lot of effort in doing workshops with Star Magic together with the other members.

 He also enjoys playing basketball. One thing that is worth noting about Jeremiah is his openness to try on new things. Someday he hopes to become a kontrabida and to be able to share the camera with Piolo, Liza, and Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano.