The Reign of Hannah Arnold

hannah arnold


The advocate

Before she was crowned as Binibining Pilipinas International 2021, Hannah Arnold graduated with a degree in Forensic Science from the University of Canberra in Australia. She identifies an interesting analogy between pageants and how experiments can be optimized for success: an important ingredient is being clear about the target outcome and figuring out what parts of the equation can add to your desired output.

“In my pageant journey I had the crown and the platform in my mind as the end goal, so with the help of my dedicated team, we carefully planned the designs I would wear, the make-up looks to achieve, the best walking style for me and the advocacies I wanted to share with the community in order to accomplish this goal,” shares the beauty from Masbate. With her background in forensic science, Hannah knows that the rigor of the scientific method isn’t only handy in the laboratory – it’s also a tool to navigate targets in daily life.

But even equipped with this knowledge, Hannah doesn’t only use her STEM background to amplify her own voice.

hannah arnoldDesigner MARKIE CADAG ; JIAN LASALA

“Not only is my background in STEM a contribution to my title, but they both work cohesively together, reaching different audiences and inspiring students that they can do anything they set their mind to, especially when it comes to helping our nation transcend,” she continues.  An S&T advocate who also supports the aims of the country’s Department of Science and Technology and a participant to various collaborations with the Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development, Hannah lends her voice to draw the spotlight on the conversation about scientific education and innovations.

Though dialogues in STEM may sometimes be unavoidably fraught with a parallel conversation about gender, Hannah uses her platform to show that women in science can help support their country and fellow scientists in more ways than just one. “To all the young girls out there who dream of becoming scientists, please continue to believe in yourself and the power you will have to help the community,” she shares as advice. “When I find myself struggling or losing hope, I look back and remember the very experiment that amazed me in high school; I remind myself to enjoy the power of science.”

The Binibini

 It would be quite a feat to find a better way to describe the Binibining Pilipinas experience the way Hannah did.  Looking back on the moments she shared with her fellow candidates, Hannah has this to say: “It reminds me that I have gained 39 new sisters.”

 Being among the Binibining Pilipinas candidates, Hannah shares that they spent a lot of time together in Araneta City – getting the most out of their experience by visiting the malls, visiting the restaurants, and stepping up at different stages. But more than the luxury of these experiences, Hannah remembers most fondly the moments when she felt the support of fellow candidates behind the scenes.

hannah arnoldDesigner JIAN LASALA ; MARKIE CADAG

 “The best part is when we are all backstage in the change rooms just relaxing or hyping each other up,” Hannah says. “Every day we wait in the change rooms before we are told what our activity will be for the day. In those moments, you witness and feel the real sisterhood because everyone is helping each other calm down, fixing their make- up and hair and sharing food.” And in retelling moments like these into memory, we get a glimpse of what we do not commonly see: the beauty that the audience witness during the coronation night is only a fraction of the beauty of friendships formed among the Binibinis.

 Though the quick changes during the coronation night can become frantic, the staff behind the show and fellow candidates hype each other up – a picture of women supporting fellow women, women acknowledging each other as queens in their own right, and women not letting anyone’s standards pit them against each other.


 It’s moments like these that Hannah Arnold selects best as a fond memory – and it’s hard to disagree. As a Binibini who saw oneself grow in the pageant alongside other candidates, far more shimmery than the jewels in the crown is character that crystallizes with the support of friendship and with a community of empowered women.

When Hannah Arnold was crowned as Binibining Pilipinas International 2021, a thought passed through her mind: her victory is not just her own and she hopes that the ones close to her heart are proud. Now, In her bid as Philippines’ representative for the 60th Miss International to be held on December 13th at the Tokyo Dome, there is no doubt that she also carries the confidence of the Filipino people for her success.

Stories of queens-in-the-making are always fascinating accounts. And Hannah Arnold’s is no exception. From being tagged in beauty queen photos for sharing a resemblance with another, now the Masbate beauty is a victor in her own right. No longer an aspirant who looks like another queen, Hannah Arnold makes her own name and establishes her own brand of regal.



Photography Von Buenconsejo Using Canon R5C
Assisted by Jay Velasco
Styling Patrick Henry Mergano
Assisted Janet Diamalon
Make Up Jessie Maghuyop
Hair Jan Jonas Lucas
Shot on Location at The Heritage Hotel Manila