Less Is More Featuring Andrea Torres

More than just the Glitz and Glamour, Andrea Torres always go back to her core – that gives her comfort and fulfillment. From doing a lot of auditions since she was six, here she is now slaying and making her dreams come true.

You’ve done hosting, modeling, and acting, how would you describe yourself as an artist?

As an artist, I am very passionate. Actually, some people said that I’m too serious when doing my job, but for me, every time that I have a role I considered myself as a student, who is preparing for a test. I’m not the kind of person who’ll wait for workshops, instead, I prepare it by myself then I’ll study the script and the character. If I’m not yet satisfied, then I’ll practice it again.

I also put notes on my script, and always remind my Personal Assistant to “Guard it with your life” because I’ve written all my notes there, and I take acting seriously.

With all the roles that you have portrayed, what is the most memorable one?

For me, my character as Venus in Alias Robin Hood. I guess I was also surprised with her character, it was my first time to portray a role that I, myself, can’t even predict if the character is bad or good, but at the same time, I am really happy to portray Venus, because a lot of opportunities came into my life.

What is your dream role?

There are still a lot of roles that I want to do. I want to be a killer, a criminal, be part of a relatable couple, and I want to portray roles that people can’t predict what Andrea can do. Also, I don’t want to be that glamorous type of character – I just want to be simple.

What have you learned about yourself since you became a celebrity?

I realized how important simple things are. Sometimes when you have a simple life, you are asking for more, especially now being in the show business the “Glitz and Glam” that they say, and when you already experienced those things almost every day, you’ll realize that it’s important to go back to your own core. Also, maybe in my age, I give importance more to my family and friends, more on good memories rather than any material things.

Why did you choose to be in this profession?

Since when I was six years old, I’ve been trying. I’ve done so many auditions, and I always get rejected. Years after, I got my first Yes for a role that was when I was sixteen years old.

After those auditions and observing people how they work, I was trained and molded with those experiences.

I also experience being part of the crowd and being an extra, thinking that a director might discover me. I am thankful with all those things that I’ve gone through – I’ve known the feelings of those people behind and I experienced it myself that’s why I appreciate my work more because I really worked hard for this.


What do you enjoy the most when you are working?

Maybe the thought that I can show to people the life of a person that I am portraying. It’s the best way for people to understand the character, the challenges, and the life that the character has gone through. Also, to build a connection with the audience, to feel the moment and the emotions.

It is also amazing to have that roller coaster of emotions, being carried away when portraying a character, that feeling where you can say that “Wow! ang saya magpadala sa mga ganung emotions”.


You have your upcoming project with Derek Ramsy, can you give us a glimpse of it?

The title is Better Woman, and I’m excited because there will be a competition happening in this series. Also, it is Derek Ramsy’s forte, and I’m happy to work with him. This will also be his first series in GMA. The team makes sure that in every episode the audience will have something to look up to.

How was it working with Derek Ramsy?

I’m amazed that we easily get comfortable with each other while working, though it is our first time to be paired. We have that natural vibe that brings us closer.


How do you spend your free time?

Most of the time, I am with my family and friends. Simple hangout with my friends, and date with my family because it is also my way of distressing. I also go to the gym because it is also my way of releasing stress.

If you were to choose, what countries you want to visit?

I love traveling, I’ve done visiting Maldives, and I really enjoyed it – now I have my top three countries to visit Greece, Paris, and US.

What do you think makes a woman sexy?

Confidence. For me, when you accept yourself, all your flaws, and assets, you become sexy. When you are comfortable with yourself, it shows how you can blend into others, the way you act. You cannot hide your true self. Accept yourself and be confident.