Being in a family of actors, there appears to be one obvious career path. It took Ria Atayde a while to join the business, but it didn’t take long for the young actress to show that she has what it takes to carry on her family’s legacy.


What is it like being in a family of actors?
Being in a family of actors—I always say this—nakakapressure. Obviously, because my brother and my mom have both proven themselves in their own right. So, if anything, it pressure me not only to do better, but also to make sure that Id o everythign to reach even just half of what they’ve achieved.

Has it always been your plan to be working in the industry?
Well, when I was younger, I always dreamed na dito ako. Akala ko—be it on-cam, off-cam—ito yung path ko, but hindi siya clear. It was something I wanted, but I didn’t do anything to work towards it. You know what I mean? Hindi ako nag-workshop nung bata ako, hindi ako ang acting recital or whatever. Wala akong gano’n, kasi I focused really on school.

Kaya hindi ko rin inaakala nandito ako ngayon. Pleasant surprise, gano’n.

Growing up, did you have any other “life passion”, so to speak?
Wala akong plan, e, [growing up] wala akong plan. I’ve always been passionate about cooking, about traveling, pero walang anything in particular. You know what I mean? You know yung ibang tao na bata pa lang, gusto na maging architect? Ako, ang broad kasi ng mga interest ko. Ang dami kong gustong gawin.

That’s why, later on ko lang na realize na acting pala talaga yung naging passion ko. Late ko na rin kasi na-discover yung acting.

Actually, akala ko rin Events or PR yung patutunguhan ng buhay ko. But no, here I am!

What kind of actress would you like to be?
Versatile, for sure. Definitely.

Most interesting part of being the daughter of Sylvia Sanchez?
Libreng critique, free workshops! Kahit hindi ko tinatanong, free workshops pa rin!

What were the changes you had to go through when you entered showbiz?

I think the biggest that has been documented siguro—well, kasi, okay, yung privacy part. To begin with, wala na rin namang kasi no’n before. I mean, you know, meron naman. Not like this na sobrang public figure, pero kais before, my mom was already in the industry. Arjo (her brother) was already in the industry. Coleen [Garcia] also!

So parang, I knew for a fact that privacy was not something I would have? Like I could have to, but ‘yon.

Aside from that, confidence. And I think yung pinaka-documented was my weight. Definitely my weight.

Talk about your weight journey.

Oh, ang tagal na. Sobrang hirap! Sobrang personal, emotional—you know, in all aspects. Kasi parang I was 189 pounds and now I’m 137. That’s 52 pounds. That’s a lot! Parang isang buong bata ang nawala sa’kin, basically!

So, it took a while. A lot of lifestyle changes—I’m not on a strict diet kasi now. I really wanna get back to it actually—working out, gano’n.

What was your strict diet like?

Well, yung initial, low salt, no sugar, no carbs, which are all my weakneses. Sobrang hilig ko sa pizza, sa chocolates, cake—oh my god, sobra! Sweet tooth ako, e.

Aside from that, yung workout talaga. Kunwari, I have a free day… Naka-condition ako mentally… I’ll try to do three. I’ll do cycling, I’ll do yoga, I’ll do gym. So three, parang gano’n.

Or if not, kahit anong functional sa bahay? Mga video, gano’n.

We’ve touched a bit on lifestyle. Talk to us this time about your fashion sense.
Honestly, my fashion sense is super comfy lang. Yung parang, what’s comfortable. Hindi ako nakikiuso? But I do like streetwear like Anti Social Social Club, Girl In Transit, Don’t Blame The Kids, yung mga local brands, gano’n. Hihiram ako kay Arjo, gano’n.

Just comfy clothes, like sweatshirt and shorts.

Pero of course, kapag may mga events… my theory kasi with fashion is like, imagine: if araw-araw ka magbibihis, if I look glammed-up every day, when people see me at an event, ‘Oh, normal!’ As opposed to what I am as a person, yung suot ko; when you see me dressed up, ‘Oh, she looks different!’ Like, ‘Oh, there’s something different!’

That’s where my stylist come in handy also!

Style icon you look up to?
You know what, honestly, kapag naka-dress up, Khloe Kardashian. Definitely! Also because we have the same body type. So bagay yung sinusuot niya sa body ko.

Give us an advice to those trying to look for their career.
It’s okay to feel lost, kasi ‘yon nga, I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to do.

Kasi the rule was finsih college, then after that you can do anything you want. When I finished college, I didn’t know what I wanted to do at all! It was frustrating kasi parang, imagine mo: I was student council, super active as school, softball—everything semmed super aligned for me. Tapos biglang I didn’t know what I wanted to do!

Pero look at me now, everything seems to be okay naman. It took some time, but I feel l like I’ve found my path. So, it’s okay to feel lost. Everything happens for a reason.

And definitely even if you’re lost, you’ll find your way din.

Toughest part about being in your 20s.
I feel like this when we’re most insecure, di ba, the 20s? When you’re uncertain about the future, when you’re uncertain about a lot of things. Aside from that, siguro, balancing time definitely! Kasi, at this age, hindi mo alam if you’re gonna focus on work solely. I mean, me, my focus has been work. But what I see as the hardest part is there’s just so many things that I want to do na hindi ko magawa because there’s so many na parang ‘Ay, hindi ito na lang. Wait, hindi ito na lang!’ I’m at a point where I’m still trying to figure out, you know, kung ano ba talaga yung bearing ng each aspect ng buhay ko.

Goal before you reach your 30s.
Learn how to ride a bike! (laughs) Pero aside from that, I don’t know. My focus talaga now is to do well in my career, so I feel like something related to that. Success to my career. Not a family yet definitely. I’m only 25. Five years time, hindi ko ma-picture sarili ko with a family yet. Sigruo love life? (laughs) Pero really more on just career. I really wanna see my career blossom more than it really has.

Who keeps you inspired?
Definitely my family and my fans.