Mathew So | Mister International Philippines 2023 Marikina City | Spotted Magazine Profiles


Currently an Undergradute Sophomore in the Ateneo de Manila University, taking up BS Management Engineering.

As I aspire to be a business consultant and entrepreneur someday, I take my academics seriously and have taken up leadership roles that can boost my skills towards it. I am an active member of the Management Engineering Association (MEA) as I was able to hold titles such as project Manager of the Ateneo Challenge for Transformational Sustainability (ACTS) and Junior Associate for Externals within the previous year. Another organization I am a part of is AIESEC, an esteemed organization that lives out core competencies of youth leadership and cultural understanding. Here I am under the department of Business Development, where I am working to connect businesses, organizations, NGOs, to our youth leaders.

On the side, I take my time to serve the lord by volunteering in the Xavier Days with the Lord. It is a community that fosters brotherhood and uphold the values of Christianity.

Apart from what I mentioned, I take time off by spending time with friends and family through sports. On a weekly basis, I keep my active lifestyle by playing football, badminton, and more.


Photography by VON BUENCONSEJO