In an interview with Spotted Magazine, Filipono-Japanese beauty Kaori Oinuma shares her life outside the walls of the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) house.

The Ultimate Girl Next Door

The 19-year-old Kaori, known as the “Kawaii Daughter of Japan” when she entered the Filipino reality series PBB Otso, has garnered a lot of attention for being able to face the show’s challenges without losing the kindness and empathy she pridefully wore the first time she entered.

Behind the cameras and away from the crowd, Kaori explained that she is just the typical “astig” teenager; the young star said that you’d find her wearing a simple jersey or a jeans and shirt terno when she’s at home.

“Actually, I really prefer simplicity, may it be in my lifestyle or in what I wear. When I’m at home, I am normally in my jersey shorts, or whatever it is I can find in my closet,” Kaori shares with Spotted magazine.

From The Land Of The Rising Sun

The actress said that she would often incorporate Japanese culture with the Filipino lifestyle. “There are lots of things I have learned from my stay in Japan, and I believe that I have brought them with me when I lived here in the Philippines. The Japanese people have a huge respect when it comes to time so I always do my best to be punctual everytime,” Kaori said.

Journey Outside PBB House

The life after PBB was not easy for her; Kaori explained that the real “battle” really began when she stepped out of the big brother house. “I have always been told that the real fight begins outside the PBB house, and it is true. Up to this day, I still undergo big adjustments– I now live away from my mom who is currently in Japan, and my siblings who are in the province, life is still not easy, but I try to see the good in everything—for example, I can now help with my siblings’ studies, provide for their needs and whatnot,” Kaori shared.

Kaori shared a few of her hobbies including her video logs (vlogs) that are up on Youtube. She explained that “vlogging” is an easier medium for her to continue giving entertainment when she is off the television screens.

The young actress has her dream role too; Kaori shared that someday she wants to be a leading lady in a romance-comedy film. “I think that I would do great in a rom-com film or series,” said Kaori.

To Her Supporters

With the immense amount of fame, Kaori said that she gets her confidence from herself and her experiences inside the PBB house. “To tell you the truth, I was not this confident before I entered the Big Brother house, but then I realized that confidence must always begin within ourselves. Everything that I have been through taught me a lot and that includes believing myself,” the young star explained.

Kaori is thankful for her fans’ support. “ To my fans, I am very grateful that you stood by me until the end of my PBB journey. I would not have done it without your support–everyone is unique, everyone will shine in his or her own ways, I found mine, and I hope everybody does too. Everybody deserves a great shot at life.” Kaori concludes.

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