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Anji Salvacion

Anji Salvacion


You would think that you already know a lot about the PBB Kumunity Edition big winner after emerging as a victor from a widely followed reality show, but Anji still leaves a lot of room for surprises. With the music video of her song, Dalampasigan, hitting nearly half a million views and counting, Anji is on the winning track and we’re only starting to get to know the beauty and the talent behind the music.

The Making Of A Big Winner

Busy with her passions, Anji’s schedule is occupied by music, performing, and hosting. For the multi-talented artist, you might expect that it’s all hustle and glamor. But even while her songs give us our own dose of feels, the singer herself has a soft spot for life’s tender moments.  “There were a lot of times I cried tears of joy, but one of those was during my first-ever digital concert and EP release,” she shares. “If my memory serves me right, the last time I cried tears of joy when I was hailed as a big winner in PBB Kumunity season 10.”

What’s the secret formula to winning the elusive title of big winner in Kuya’s house? Anyone can guess the biggest contributing factor — pakikisama, charm, talent, a supportive fan base, or something else? It’s up to discussion which one is more important than the others but history shows that big winners have each of those and more. For Anji, she wasn’t only motivated to win, she was also motivated to send a message. And this perhaps is why Anji the housemate isn’t just a celebrity-in-the-making inside Kuya’s house, but rather, Anji is a compelling housemate to root for.

Anji SalvacionCut-out dress, NORMAN ACUBA; earrings, FLUTTER STATEMENT JEWELRY

Why join PBB and why say yes to the challenge of pakikisama when it’s easier to shine alone? Anji shares a piece of her thoughts:  “To inspire other people, especially the youths, that it’s okay to be vulnerable sometimes and be receptive to criticism and change for the better and of course to share my stories.

If Anji’s story in the industry would be told, it would show a series of moments a young woman has been growing beyond believing in her dreams towards believing in herself. Having auditioned for numerous shows and having faced many forms of “no”, Anji has developed a sense of grit and persistence – an unstoppable force whose ambition wasn’t bent by redirections. Anji’s audition at “Idol Philippines” way back in 2019 has already gained 8 million views since its posting.

There was always a next time that Anji looked forward to despite the setbacks and as fate would have it, getting in at PBB was a ticket to a victory that would open many doors.

Anji SalvacionCut-out dress, NORMAN ACUBA; earrings, FLUTTER STATEMENT JEWELRY

Girl Next Door

As funny as she is brave, Anji’s humor shines out with her conversations. But even with her bubbly and sprightly outlook, it’s no secret to PBB Kumunity viewers that Anji’s journey to self-love has been an educational chapter.

Pre-PBB Anji and post-PBB Anji is a transformation that’s one for the books but it was a transformation that goes beyond aesthetics or a glamorous makeover, it was a transformation of perspective. A refilling of a cup with a larger capacity to pour with love. It is also made more special because she was surrounded by friends and housemates in that era of growth.

Anji SalvacionHighneck top with gloves, RON RAMIRO; earrings, FLUTTER STATEMENT JEWELRY

“Every housemate deserves to be treated with sincerity and honesty, and I would say that the bond that we had was genuine,” she says. “There are a lot of lessons I’ve learned from my housemates, but this one person who made me realize and who taught me a lot of things in life said, ‘You’re not really lonely, you are just longing’,”  And that statement from Anji’s Ate Sam is a turning point for her to realize that she is bigger than her battles and bigger than what she feels.

“[Before entering PBB], love for [myself] is all gone…but going into Kuya’s house made me realize a lot of things. Kuya made me realize the things that I’m not aware of. I didn’t show any love and care for myself [but this time] I became braver, stronger, and happier; a person who’s full of love for themselves not just on the inside but also on the outside.”

Anji SalvacionHighneck top with gloves, RON RAMIRO; earrings, FLUTTER STATEMENT JEWELRY ; Snakeskin dress with high slit detail, MALEN ABELLA

Of this growth, Anji doesn’t only know – she is sure – that a part of the reason why she emerged as a winner was because people relate to her. But ‘relate’ might be too subtle a word.

Anji’s story is familiar. A story we resonate with because at one point, we have also known what it felt to pour from an empty cup. We have known to care for others even when what we want to give is bigger than what we have for ourselves. Anji’s journey has also been our journey.  And to see someone who share our feelings and our journey succeed is no different than feeling we ourselves have triumphed and can win, too. Despite the many times we have heard no. Despite the many times we have been redirected.

Anji SalvacionSnakeskin dress with high slit detail, MALEN ABELLA

Anji on a yellow gown with a tiered tulle skirt at the big night was a portrait that we can win against the challenges that weigh us down. And Anji stepping out of the house is an example that even though a one night of victory is sweet, the beauty of possibilities ahead in the future is largely sweeter.

Anji Salvacion

Months after being called the big winner, Anji has been sharing her story and music just like she has hoped to do. From attending her 1st Mega Ball and putting out hit performances and songs after another, Anji shows the power of a dream and a story – one that is not just merely told, but a story shared from the heart.


Anji Salvacion

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