The Show Goes on With Frosh Welcoming 2021 : Frosh In the Limelight!

College is a word that terrifies others but may be exciting for some people. It terrifies in a sense that there will be heavy workload and more challenging responsibilities. Furthermore, it is exciting because this is the transition of studying what you are required to learn into what you are passionate about. Entering in this new phase of life could be difficult because everything is new, especially now in an online setup. With that, let us kickstart your college journey by welcoming you in a magical way!

In keeping with the Lasallian tradition, DLSU CSO in partnership with Facundo’s, Sole Provider Training Corp, Silvanas Las Piñas, and Universal Robina Corporation; Jack ‘n Jill Lush, Jack ‘n Jill X.O., Jack ‘n Jill Roller Coaster, and Nice & Natural proudly presents Frosh Welcoming 2021: Frosh In The Limelight. This event is here to gladly welcome and accommodate the stars of the show, the ID 121 students, as they make new memories and start this new chapter in their lives with their new batchmates. The stage is now set for the incoming frosh to experience the Lasallian spirit before their very eyes with various fun games, amazing prizes, and performances that will knock froshies out of their feet!

Are you wondering how to transition from high school to college life? Frosh Welcoming 2021 got you covered! This event will provide you with valuable advice on how to get the most out of yourcollege life. A useful guide on how to maximize your stay at De La Salle University was prepared thanks to the Lasallian community’s contributions which can be found on AnimoSpace, the official learning management system of DLSU; with the goal of inspiring the students to have the values of a true Lasallian.

Froshies, you are highly encouraged to get your front-row tickets as we dive into the Organization Spotlight on June 19, a space where you and your fellow batchmates can get to know each other and the rest of the community by having a glimpse on how student life is in the university.

The show is about to start for you, Lasallians! Connect with us for more news and updates!