The Shift of Arra San Agustin

Arra’s laser focus isn’t about results.  And for a perfectionist like the promising Kapuso star, it’s an unorthodox symmetry that’s even rarer to balance.  With her beginnings as a finalist of the reality-based talent search, StarStruck, Arra is consistent about keeping progress in both big and small strides more than she is conscious about how big is the finishing prize.
Pointing North
“I’m proud about my commitment, not only the achievements I get from my work and personal life,” she says in confidence.  “It’s the process that I truly value more than the results.  The commitment and hard work that I’ve learned along the way are some of the things I’m definitely proud of.”  Her principle, evidently, provide us a preview into her value system: the journey is a greater sight to behold than mere destination; the behind-the-scenes tell a larger story than when the cameras roll.
And it’s a value system that no doubt will propel her even further.  As a seeker of things that keep her sharp, Arra is on the constant lookout for experiences that inspire.  “When it comes to work, as much as possible I like to keep my blood pumping and, you know, stay starving for excitement,” she says candidly, tipping a hat to the importance of collecting moments than any other material treasure.  Arra continues on by making parallels between motivation and inspiration— sharing a thoughtful insight upon the distinction of the two.  The Kapuso star says that inspiration is obtainable from the outside, but motivation is an artist’s inside job.  This commentary affords an insight onto a work ethic that represents the tango of the artist as an individial and the artist that’s part of a larger scheme of things.  The recognition of the nuances of things such as this just might be what explains the trajectory of Arra San Agustin.
Bravery According to Arra
In an industry when it’s easy to lose one’s identity amidst the lights, recognition, and loud stories, Arra keeps her unflinching confidence and readiness to receive the thoughts of people because her feet is planted onto something firm.  On her continuous road in her faith, she gains lessons by the days and learns to cast her fears aside through her radical belief in the wonders of faith and prayer.  “It’s okay to be scared, cast your worries to God,” Arra offers an advice.
From a girl who has transformed from a bubble of worry and uncertainty, she has thrived into a role model that embraces independence and strength.  It could be her charm and her looks that earns her the fanbase she has, but at a closer view, it’s with Arra’s comfort in her own beauty that makes her stand out regardless of what she have or does not.
A woman can be many things to different people and leave varying impressions to different individuals, but Arra’s depth of commitment and passion etches her maturity onto solid ground.  Unfazed and progressing into her best version yet, Arra has one thing to say:’ she is stronger’.