The Mercury in Your Life By Mobius Uniqur

It was a relief to have finished another tv series! Yup, I sure can empathize with your Netflix feeling. Though to be clear, I am not the type who could finish one (eyes rolling). But I did! This time it was the Season 2 of Netflix’s Ragnarok, a modern rendition of the mythic Norse battle between the aesir-vanir (gods) and the jötunn (giants).

Netflix’s Ragnarok

But, teka, teka! While your thoughts are spinning all about this series, with all the possibilities in your head of what this could be, let me say upfront that we won’t be into gods, giants, elves, ghouls, and all that since this is not a blurb on the series. It’s also not a point-by-point review, nor even a rehash of another critique to a film. I perfectly understand that feeling that you are hoping to hear more. (More, more, more!) But hear me out for a while because what I’m about to share with you might potentially save your relationship or your business. Yes, save YOU.

So for now, just set aside my spoiler. I’m not good at it. I only know that a thing or two are potent enough to whet your appetite… for more 🙂

Why was I mentioning this series in the first place? While I was following the unfolding of each character in this tv series, I couldn’t help but notice one among them who happens to be the embodiment of Loki (sounds Marvel-ous, right?), that of Laurits, the protagonist’s brother: a fluid and unpredictable guy. What made me ease into a character analysis mode (while I watch) is the fact that, not only is this character descriptive of the changeable, dualistic Mercury graha (planet), but that we are still in the days of retrograde Mercury (from May 29 to June 22, 2021).

Brakes, please. Eeek-shh. Who’s Mercury?

A.k.a. Budha in Sanskrit, Mercury is one of the grahas in the astrological planetary system both in western and vedic astrology. Without getting into the technicalities of the system, just sail along me as we note some of the indicators of this graha, particularly how it might do its own unfolding in your life or that of another who is close to you. Say, if you happen to know somebody who is intellectually endowed and witty in speech, chances are you are in the presence of a person whose kundli has a prominent Mercury in it. It might even be his/her rising sign (lagna)!

Retrograde Mercury

Laurits a.k.a. Loki, one of Ragnarok’s characters — the one I’m spoiling you at — exemplifies another side of Mercury, the trickster type, the kind you don’t know who or what he’s siding with… or what he/she is keeping from you. His nature exemplifies the varied ways in which this energy (Mercury’s) unfolds in a person’s life.

I know that this gets you into remembering a person or two in your life who might pretty well fit into this category. Perhaps there’s an image in your head of somebody whom you might have felt that he/she is just concocting all these stories and other mumbo-jumbos to persuade or deflect your way of thinking… and get your side. What we are here is too see how this graha, Mercury, is manifesting either in your life or a significant other or through a situation, event or reality. It’s a big help to be aware of this.

At this point, do keep note that the various grahas, Mercury being one of them, come in the form of energetic influences in one’s life. And they are indicators too of certain realities or events – as I have just mentioned — that may lie dormant at present but gets activated during a particular dasha (time period). Now, if it gets actuated at a critical point in your life, say you are opening a new line of business, or changing a career, or things are not working well between you and your partner, or you have a misunderstanding with a loved one, things might get complicated if your Mercury graha simultaneously “wakes up” in a messy fashion.

At times you’ll get auspicious (the swerte, swerte, swerte bells are ringing!) or perhaps you’ll find it difficult and challenging in other occasions. You begin wondering, curling your hair or scratching your head while staring at the ceiling. Why, oh why?! You sighed just when a gecko darted off across your sight. And you were like “is that a good sign?

Which one, the lizard or Mercury? I know things get complicated, so we’ll just stick to Mercury, okay… not the lizard in your field of vision. Otherwise we’ll have this article entitled “The Lizard in your Life.”

An example of a janma kundli or astrological birth chart

Okay, back to Mercury graha. What I just mentioned about the energetic influences of the grahas do happen also in the workings of Mercury. And these can be seen and verified in one’s janma kundli or one’s astrological birth chart, since it actuates uniquely in every individual. As we’re still into its retrograde mode — the optical illusion of seeing a graha doing a backward movement in the skies from the perspective of earth — why don’t we give this graha its air time and see some instances of its manifestation. In this way, you’d no longer be counting lizards on the ceiling.

So, how’s Mercury doing in your kundli?

A few paragraphs ago, we just had a glimpse of this graha, noting some of its qualities shown through some personalities as being witty or tricky. To get you a feel of how wide the scope of Mercury is, here are a few of its karakas (significations) where it might have its sway: communication, medium in conveying information, legal documents, expressing one’s ideas, intelligence, adeptness, versatility, being multi-talented, cleverness, speech and wordplay, public speaking, humor, skin, nervous system, youthfulness, accounting, commerce, trading, attention to detail, publishing, short-distance travel, and so many else. (Whew! No wonder he’s the Quicksilver in the ancient world mythology.)

If you’ve gotten the idea on how vast its domain of activity is, you’d be retracting your doubts if you’ve been considering that it’s less influential compared to the biggies in the astrological pantheon like the luminaries Sun and Moon, or Jupiter and Saturn. If you think he’s inconsequential, think again what a strong and dignified Mercury can do to an individual (which you will find out later in this article). Or if it’s weak, afflicted or malefic, that it can have all the unwanted effects raining on any one or several of those karakas that I just mentioned.

See, I’m certainly sure you won’t ever, ever be counting lizards again.

Anyone knows Casanova? See his Mercury (Me) pairing up with
Venus (Ve) and Sun (Su) in the 7th house of love
and partnerships. Going overboard?

In matters of relationship, no one wants it trickling down the drain just because of a clouded Mercury or that you might dealing with a lover with a Loki bent! Recently, there was a fuss over the effect of the eclipsing full moon last May 26th. It got everyone talking what its energy could bring to partner relationships. There were even talks that this eclipse might be cogent enough to end relationships, cause divorces and bring more farewells than hugs and kisses.

So everyone got glued over what the foreboding movement of the Moon might cause. But, but, but most have overlooked the fact on what a star-crossed Mercury in one’s kundli could do if it’s whistling its own looming tune. Just while you’re fidgeting over the enticing Moon, the speedster Mercury might pull the rug underneath you. And what a mercurial fall it would be!

Not only this. We all feel sad to hear of marriage breakups especially the kind where the other partner have swam their way into prohibited waters teeming with other fishes. Yah, I know that rhymes with extramarital relation… because it is. And I was surprised to find that, upon analyzing the kundlis of various personalities, it is a common theme that an active Mercury has a role in this fallout. (It shows!)

Why, oh why, Mr. Mercury? It’s because one stealthy, energetic feature of the Mercury graha – note: when it is on the bad side of the bed, i.e. malefic — besides being tricky, is its trait of shifting loyalties. And it’s really hurting when the loyalty of one of the couple has flown over to a 3rd party! We don’t want volatility happening on this side of life. Therefore, it’s helpful to open up, and get the necessary help in overcoming this issue.

Kundli of a famous writer: a strong Mercury (Me) in it own house, and in the 10th house of status and success

Let’s go over some other manifestations while seeing Mercury’s energetic influence in the other aspects of life. A vibrant and well-placed Mercury, supported by other benefic factors in one’s kundli, could be a harbinger to one’s success, laying the foundations of getting one to his/her glorious pedestal. In everyday sense, it can facilitate someone’s communication to be more persuasive and even forceful in a good sense, inspiring others with the right words that flow at the right time… as graceful and fluid as Mercury!

Or how about planning to get into business, and feeling that you have everything it takes to realize your dream of being a successful entrepreneur? A strategically positioned Mercury coupled with the support of other benefic elements in your kundli are a sure powerhouse to wielding that business forward in YOUR favor. How much more if it’s in dhana yoga, a powerful wealth planetary combination occurring in your kundli!

On the contrary, a weak Mercury could only do as much, but couldn’t facilitate the needed “push” to activate the other potentials in your kundli. Being faint and debilitated, downed by malefic grahas, you might be in to some potential failures in conveying your thoughts to the other party, or obstacles in your transactions, or conflicts in arriving at a decision. It’s no little thing to be in qualms in a meeting, with everyone having their own fixed ideas. And even more troublesome if the various factions are starting to call the shots!

Yes. Many of us have been into it. It’s hard when the tides aren’t flowing in your direction. The signage says: Mercury Blocked! – either it’s in your kundli or several members in your organization whose transiting Mercury is functioning malefically in their respective kundlis at the time when you were having your conflict resolution sessions. The issues come out. It’s getting personal. The tone of the voices change, and the setting’s getting fiery.

Ohhh nooo! Mars graha must have noticed the wavering Mercury. It steps in. (C’mon, the god of war stepping in?! You must be kiddin’ me.)

Let me calm myself a bit from that remark. (Sigh.) A poor Mercury can easily absorb the maleficity of other grahas. So its best to fortify oneself with awareness, not being carried away by the flux of one’s emotions, and by dint of will, be mindfully clear each step of the way in dealing with the task/s on hand. Or you’ll get tricked by your own logic! Think well, think twice… or more.

Remember, Mars isn’t the only one around fanning the flames while stroking the ego of a weak Mercury. An ill-placed emotional Moon might be interested to join as well ☹

Here’s another that you might find typical and perhaps may have some Mercury issues lingering in their kundli. A balimbing, one who either doesn’t know where he/she stands or pretends to support a cause, principle, belief or idea but just fakes the whole campaigning agenda just to get some personal benefit, or worse, take advantage of you. Persuasive words. Powerful, engaging and emotion-laden messages and visuals. All these are within the ambit of Mercury. Remember its karakas? Speech and wordplay, wit and even being cunning. Suave or oily in words, donning poker faces. The list goes on.

Sounds Loki-sh?

What might happen when Mercury (Me) gets into money and trickery? Ponzi scheme.

But here’s one whose Mercury levels are even more destructive: if we have the trickster, we also have intelligent criminals who use their “wondrous” brains to device ingenious ways in circumventing the law to their favor. I myself have seen the kundlis of some of these personalities, both historical figures or just here in the Philippines. And, sure enough, their Mercury graha is very prominent and powerful… and functionally malefic at the same time. Like the reality they are in, their respective kundli also shows a meeting and conspiracy among negative energetic influencers. The shadowy blend of grahas (Mercury being such a highlight!), rashis (signs), and bhavas (houses) in various planetary combinations are very revealing!

Imagine… Sharp Intellect + Crime, tsk tsk tsk. Down the dark road of danger and perdition. I can only hope for the salvation of these people.

With all of the above, who then is Mercury in your life? What are its tendencies? What is it into, its focus? Who are its supports and who is it supporting? What are its potentials? Does it make or break certain realities in your life?

Whatever it may be, the grahas in our kundli – even a part of the astrological pantheon — with Mercury as being one of them, do indicate certain energies that are at work in our life or will be activated at a certain dasha. Yup, a badly-transiting Mercury might indicate soon-to-be obstacles to your next dream trip. Or you might just be bogged down by a humongous pile of paperworks that doesn’t get you anywhere in your career. That’s Mercury!

As a general note, it’s important that we stay informed about certain facts about our life, the relevant energetic influencers that could help build us in our life’s journey, and mitigate the ones that do not facilitate this goal. Doing relevant remedial measures to overcome unwanted inclinations (signified by the presence, if any, of an afflicted or disconcerting Mercury, for example) could help much in averting situations or events that might jeopardize significant aspects in our life. It also helps to get in touch with a counselor or a life coach who can guide you through these challenges.

So… Beware of Loki, okay! Although, that doesn’t sound like a Marvel-ous ending. But you get what I mean anyway.

Stay safe everyone. And look for Laurits! ?