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Princeton’s Perfect World

It’s difficult to imagine the talented singer when he’s not in the company of a crowd or adoring fans.  For a celebrity, the expectation is typical: loud, unmistakably striking, and unabashed.  But Princeton breaks this mold.  “[I’m] different out of the limelight,” he shares.  “I’m a home body and love to be alone in silence.” Jacket, PARAVAL;  Shirt, H33M; Pants,…

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Music is Universal, and so is Jake Miller

Music is universal, that it can bring people all together from different parts of the world. Jake already knew from the start that music is his life. He wrote songs from his experiences, stories from his fans, and other relevant problems present in today’s generation. The man behind the popular song Dazed and Confused, singer-songwriter Jake Miller has made another…

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Alexander The Great

Putting the blog on fire with his charismatic look and undying creativity, this man will surely put you in flame, as we introduce to you the mind behind the music festival coming this month of May. Alex unveils the creative concepts of his works, from writing music, vlogging, event planning and more. Overalls, IAOE; shoes, BALENCIAGA What attracted you to…

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