SORN’s Age of Enlightenment



It’s difficult not to look and not be starstruck at first sight. Sat in a chair and facing the camera, the sprightly Thai singer based in South Korea has grown from being an aspiring star into being a huge household name a decade after her victory in K-Pop Star Hunt from 2011.

A teenager when she first stepped into the show business spotlight, now she has amassed music videos that collectively garner multimillion views and a large fanbase supporting her across major platforms.


The most recent of her songs, Nirvana Girl, joins her discography of hit music as she expresses herself like never before.

“I’m more comfortable now being myself,” the artist prefaces. And it’s a statement that does not only ring true to her personal life, it permeates her music, too. SORN’s Nirvana Girl is her ode to finding herself, growing larger than the shadows and liking the girl she sees in the mirror.

A few seconds into her new music video, we see a version of SORN wide-eyed with doubts and hesitation. A raven-haired Barbie-esque mannequin being pulled this way and that way, moving forward but barely with direction. And it’s this pivotal scene that captures the message of her new music – it’s the transformation of a girl who is caught in a whirlwind of voices into a woman who sings of empowerment.


But the confidence-boosting beats isn’t the only reason to hit ‘play’ on her latest song – CLC fans also get the surprise of seeing YEEUN and SORN share the dancefloor once again since 2020.

“I know a lot of you miss us being together,” she says, acknowledging the excitement of their fans over the reunion via the music video “Working with YEEUN has been very fun because we’ve been together for over 10 years […] we’re also like family.” . With an effortless chemistry in their performances, SORN reunites with former CLC members as YEEUN flexes her rapping skills and Seungyeon choreographs the MV’s chorus that will make you get up to dance


Shaking off the restraints, SORN in Nirvana Girl shows us an artist embracing emancipation. Climbing up to over a million views and counting, it’s no wonder why fans of SORN – both old and new – are sharing the love with her new music video. Serving major surprises in visuals, cameo, choreography, and production – SORN knows the tune to whip up a crowd favorite.

Photography Von Buenconsejo
Styling Janno Styles
Makeup Lei Ponce
Hair Mycke Arcano
Shot on location Seda Hotel – Vertis North

BTS Video by Charlon Serrano

Designers: Carl Arcusa, Jerrick Macasocol, Norman Acuba, Cathleen Tiamson