Meet Hive, an Eco-Friendly Hotel and Convention Place in Metro Manila

Green living is made possible in this eco-friendly hotel and convention place located at
the heart of Quezon City.

Eco-friendly establishments continue to find a home in Quezon City as Hive Hotel and Convention brings
together green living and retro art.

Nestled in the heart of the metro, this eco-friendly hotel/bar/convention place offer a refreshing stay-in
experience to travelers and professional guests alike.

With the hotel’s green advocacy and retrograde features, it is included in Trip Advisor’s “Top 10 Must Visit
Hotels” and “Top 5 Best Value Hotels” in Quezon City.

Trip Advisor is the world’s largest travel site that
offers hotel and restaurant reviews and provides
cheapest travel tours.

The concept behind Hive comes from its sister hotel, Cocoon Boutique Hotel, the first eco-friendly
hotel in the area. It also stands Trip Advisor’s leading staycation spot in Metro Manila.

Much like the latter, Hive commits to promoting
green living as well as focusing to be the city’s ideal convention place.

walls to eliminate any external distractions. It also
boasts an overlooking view of the city.

Printing and photocopying services is provided
near the business center to cater to every business
man’s needs.

The Grand Banquets

From weddings to social events to meetings to
ballrooms. Hive’s convention place has got it all.

The hotel’s Sky Garden boasts a spectacular view
of the Metro Manila cityscape. It is favored to become every couple’s venue for wedding receptions.

Located at the 6th floor, the place displays rustic
wooden doors and granite floors for a more cozy
feel while eating by the restaurant or taking a clip
by the jacuzzi.

When it comes to elegance. Hive’s function rooms
have high-ceilinged halls with a picturesque skylight scene that makes it the right place to hold
memorable events.

The hotel has spacious areas for corporate events
as well. Each boardroom is built with soundproof.



The Green Rooms

Just like Cocoon Boutique, the hotel boasts of sustainability, but with a modern retro feel attached to
each room.

All hotel bedrooms—namely Deluxe, Deluxe Garden View, Cluster, Super Studios, and Party Suite—
provide great resting areas.

Beds are equipped with premium Egyptian cotton
bed linens and goose down duvets and pillows.

Rooms also include a full single size and standard
beds for an ultimate slumber party.

For each space, guests are given unlimited internet
access and entertainment on a 32” LED TV, while
participating in preventing energy consumption by usinginverter type

Another noticeable feature of the
hotel rooms are
their eco-certifiecl
bathroom amenities. These include
organic shampoos
and bath gels. The
areas also emphasize the use of quality, Egyptian made
towels for good

Sky Garden In Hive,
every guest’s visit
is enjoyable and refreshing with bubble
bath jacuzzis, located at the hotel’s 6th
floor. Guests also
have the chance to
unwind with the spa
services of Serenity Aromatherapy while overlooking the beautiful landscape of the hotel’s Sky Garden.




My Brother’s Mustache Folk Bar

 When it comes to reminiscing songs from the 80’s
and 90’s, My Bro’s Mustache Folk Bar has it. Located at the hotel ground floor, the folk bar offers
good food and lovely music that are best paired
with beer-below-zero.

The newly-renovated bar provides a friendly ambi¬
ance ideal for long talks and non-stop folk sounds.
This soulful haven is known for being the home of
folk musicians and enthusiasts in the country.

A staycation has never been more pleasurable and
productive with Hive Hotel & Conventional Place.
As nature’s genius creation, Hive has green aesthetics and modern retro features added to every
guest’s memorable visit.



Other Features

Other than the magnificent view it offers, the Sky
Garden provides a variety of indulging cuisines to
the hotel guests.