Luis Hontiveros’ Scenic Route

One could say that life is no different from a roadtrip.  A little bump, a couple of roadblocks, but certainly never without the promising, breathtaking view of an ultimate destination.  And this hustle is something that Luis knows better than most. Just as any drive made better by good company, Luis continues on in the road, never alone, on the path to extraordinary.

Turtle neck,SUBCULTURE BY KAT JOPLO ; plaid coat and pants, RYAN CHRIS; shoes, CONVERSE

Green light

A 180° turnaround is not the easiest maneuver to navigate, but then again, Luis isn’t one to be lured by the word ‘easy’.  Vocal about taking no shortcuts or an easy path towards a career in acting, the former PBB housemate did not rely on his family name for an easy way in.  Beginning as a model at the age of 16, it took him several tries to get where he is, but despite the victory of getting where he is, Luis remains grounded as the guy who he was ever since.  “My job changed, from a model turned actor, but that’s just about it. Everything else about me as a person is still the same,” he begins without pretense.  “I’m really excited about all the changes that will take place in my life.”

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Growth is often uncomfortable but Luis is not daunted by the accompanying challenges.  “I’m really looking forward to grow more as an actor,” he says. “And I know that will happen if I get to play more challenging roles together with veteran actors and other creative minds in the industry.”

Jumpsuit, IAOE; shoes, CONVERSE ; Turtle neck,SUBCULTURE BY KAT JOPLO ; plaid coat and pants, RYAN CHRIS; shoes, CONVERSE

One could wonder if it was serendipity, luck, charm, or timing that brought Luis the ticket to where he is today, but entering into an opportunity and staying in it are two different things.  And Luis is more than aware of what it takes. With a sharp instinct, he knows his passion and his drive to learn are two of his valuable assets. “It’s not easy at all because everyone is always on their A-game,” he says about the industry. “Not everyone lasts [in showbiz] either.  But I’m still here and I feel like it’s an achievement since the industry is full of uncertainty.” While trends come and go like monthly favorites, Luis doesn’t just aim to be the celebrity that people know, he also knows that it’s more important to be the celebrity that people remembered and truly respected.

Jumpsuit, IAOE; shoes, CONVERSE ; Turtle neck,SUBCULTURE BY KAT JOPLO ; plaid coat and pants, RYAN CHRIS; shoes, CONVERSE

Most people view celebrities as glamorous personalities with a very different reality, but like everyone else, he is no stranger to the pangs of failure and rejection when he was first starting out in showbiz. It was the reality of receiving several no’s that feels so familiar to many people, but what set Luis apart are the things he did after.  Determined to use those as fuel to be better, a closed door did not became his last destination. “Like everyone else, I had to face multiple failures and rejection first before I got that big yes in my career,” he recalls. “[But] I’d say that if your heart and mind really wants something then don’t let it go no matter the cost. Keep hustling until you get there and keep your feet on the ground no matter what.”

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Pointing north

Of the many things that Luis could admire most about people, it’s integrity that tops his list.

People enter the industry and become actors for different reasons, but it’s more than the photoshoots and the fame for Luis.  While the perks of the career are obvious for others, he sees it deeper than the glamour and the glitz. “I really love acting,” Luis admits earnestly.  “I never thought I would fall in love with the craft, [but] it gives me a chance to get a glimpse of different lives through the eyes of my characters. [There’s] endless amount of learning & wisdom that I know I can carry throughout this lifetime.”  Seeing the opportunities ahead of him as more than just ways to serve himself, he sees his roles as ways to view life through the different lenses of his characters.

Turtleneck, IAOE; box shirt, DIOR

And this work ethic that reflects Luis as an artist who looks beyond himself is translated in other things, too.

“We are now in the age of the most powerful era wherein information could be used both for good & evil. A simple tweet or Facebook post could definitely affect & tip the balance of someone’s state of mind & well being. We have the responsibility to utilise such tools appropriately,” he advises.  And for an actor with powerful influence and platform, it is a refreshing perspective to hear.

Turtleneck, IAOE; box shirt, DIOR

Truly, an actor who sees beyond his own reflection, an artist who hears how each ripple affects the world around him is someone who’d be a great asset in today’s industry.  It’s hard to avoid the negativity and it’s difficult to control the setbacks that come our way, but with Luis, he knows better than to be a source of anything other than inspiration for people.  He quips, “Don’t you think it would great if we were all sources of peace of mind for each other?”