Kyline Alcantara’s Afterglow

Learning the art of deadma is a skill that a few have picked up and even fewer have mastered.  But for Kyline, it’s a lifehack that comes along with being authentic to your core.  “I am assured with the love of my family, friends, and fans, and that’s enough to keep me going,” she begins.  And true to this ethos, as she stars in the upcoming movie, Black Lipstick, she translates that lesson into a memorable performance that features her as the lead in the millenial twist to the iconic Filipino favorite “Blusang Itim”.
“This project is really something new to me as this will discuss how to be true to yourself,” Kyline says about the new movie, reflecting on the same lightbulb moment she shared with her character, Ikay, about the importance of not being anyone but oneself.  Commending her make-up artists for a job well done on portraying her character as someone suffering from a condition of vitiligo, Kyline was eager to share how her team has been incredible in handling the details.
While acting is an art that prides itself in constant reinvention and Kyline may portray a set of characters, she remains grounded on what is real.  “Confidence will follow because you’re just showing you,” she reasons out.  And while spectators will never run out of reasons to find something to dislike, she chooses her own battles and picks that being herself is the best option there is.
“I am very simple and very easy to please,” she opens up as a little known fact.  For a megawatt celebrity with memorable roles in her name, she shares that her aspirations and happiness remain grounded and humble.  Divulging that even simple joys of a tasty snack or anything given with thoughtful intentions already bring her warmth, she embodies a kind of rare simplicity.
Embracing cycles of change, although Kyline remains being simple over flashy, she remains fearless in trying out new things.  “I love to experiment with my looks and I love how my stylists support me on that,” she says, explaining how her freedom allowed her to have numerous memorable fashion moments too many to number.
And in Kyline’s newest project, it’s not a long shot from her own coming-of-age in the showbiz niche.  From discovering her own voice, embracing what she wants, and developing her own idea of what brings her joy, Kyline’s fans (and those to be converted yet) would no doubt be delightfully surprised that their favorite extraordinary woman on the rise has something brewing that’s on equal levels unpredictable and spectacular.