Jon Lucas, Gearing Up

It’s difficult to trust first impressions.  At first sight, Jon Lucas has got the looks of a YA fiction heartbreaker: piercing stare, boyish grin, action star physique.  But first impressions rarely get it right, as the “Descendants of the Sun” star is way more than what he looks like.  Sure, he’s a triple threat with multiple skills in his arsenal, but Jon is treading his way to a road that makes him simply more than a face in the crowd, making a steady pace that’s about beyond being popular.

In Sync

Something about real-life heroes is drawing Jon in.  Something about the honesty of true-to-life narratives about men of bravery and strength gives him a vision of what makes for a meaningful storytelling.  And with GMA’s retelling of the smash-hit drama, “Descendants of the Sun”, Jon is a step closer to the dream.  Among Dingdong Dantes, Rocco Nacino, and the men donning the uniform of military in the beloved drama, “Descendants of the Sun” Jon steps into the role of being a member of the Alpha team.

But although his first role in the Kapuso network prides itself in brawn and strength, Jon is more than what meets the eye. Far from the brooding and melancholy of a character taken from the scenes of an action flick, in real life, Jon makes an impression because of his personality.

“Palakaibigan kasi ako mula noon pa,” he begins.  And as a celebrity whose appearance is arguably an important thing to maintain, for Jon, his relationship with people is a bigger asset than just dashing looks.  “Sa set kasi, parang classroom iyan, lahat ng estudyante pantay-pantay.  Kami man ang nakikita nila sa TV, mahalaga rin iyong mga tao sa likod ng camera na dahilan bakit maganda ang napapanood nila.”

With a way of thinking like this, it is no wonder why Jon is not a difficult person to admire.  Not simply for his aesthetics or what he could do, but for how he sees people around him.

Still, he’s grounded in reality and knows it is never possible to please everybody.  “Mahirap kasi i-control kung anong magiging tingin ng ibang tao.  May iba na hindi ka pa kilala, may masasabi na sila,” he comments as an observation. As someone who gets misinterpreted by people who may not know him personally, Jon is not in denial of what he needs to do.  “Wala namang perpekto, but I want them to know that I’m trying to be good, I’m trying to be better. May masabi man sila sa akin, makikita rin nila na si Jon nagsusumikap magbago.”

In Focus

This 2020, Jon looks at the future through a focused lens. Making steps  for a healthy lifestyle and consistent career progress, he’s stepping into the new decade with a gameplan for growth.  But all these aren’t just for himself. Jon dedicates his milestones for his family and looks out for their happiness as compelling enough motivation.

Taking the breakthroughs ahead of him as opportunities to give back to loved ones, Jon acknowledges that his influence and his blessings aren’t just about himself.  This guiding principle is the same compass that influences his way of dealing with people.  “Let’s just promote positivity,”  he advises.  Kung wala rin naman tayong magandang masasabi, ‘wag na.  Let’s reach out sa mga alam nating may kailangan.”  Aware of the plight of many, Jon is not out of touch and remains sensitive to use his audience reach for the purpose of the common good.  And in real life, he may not don the same military uniform as he does in the television, but Jon is not far from embodying the valor for which it stands.

Photo Von Oneil Buenconsejo
Styling Janno Styles
Associate Stylist Dan Fernando
Make Up Mauri Estrada
Hair Misty Gabriel Gancaico
Story Danielle Arcon
Location Desi Matters Studio