Fresh start for Amanda

In this generation were projecting in front of a camera is already a normal thing to do, but what makes it extraordinary is the versatile expression and the confidence that a person can show beautifully.

Just like Amanda Herrera who fell in love in the beauty of modeling. At the age of 18, Amanda has found her new home, she enjoyed herself being in front of the camera, and that made her start a career in modeling. Being a student, and a model at the same time makes her life more challenging, yet interesting because she is excelling in school while she is doing what she loves.

What attracted you to begin a career as a model?

It started when I was cast for an ambassador program for a swimsuit brand called Stride & Stroke that’s when I realize that I think I was capable of doing it. My mom is telling me to try going to VTR’s, and my friends are encouraging me, so that’s the start of my journey in modeling.

What are the preparations you do every time you’ll be having a shoot?

You’ll never know what will happen to you next. You just have to come mentally prepared, and make sure that you believed in yourself because if you don’t, it shows in the photos that you are conscious, not comfortable with what you are doing. Also, it is bringing your personality to set. When it comes to diet, I try not to eat that much junk, and I also cut down on rice.

What are the struggles you’ve experienced as a newbie in modeling?

A lot. At first, you’ll come in super hopeful, and then a lot of people will reject you, a lot of your friends will not want to support you. It is a tough industry to break in to, but it’s good because I learned how to be strong, nobody has time to listen to you doubt yourself- so it’s a matter of believing in yourself. You want it so stick to it, and always go back to why you started.

When did you find out that this is the career that you want to pursue?

I like to pose and walk, and I always go to this channel where models who do ramp, but it didn’t register to me that I will actually be doing it because before I used to play football and like going out with my friends, so it just kinda came to me and I think I walked in to it without knowing what I did.

You’ve said that you are still a student, how do you balance modeling and studying?

The first month I started modeling it is really hard for me, I was having a hard time concentrating, because sometimes I feel like I just wanted to do well in school, but I was worrying the jobs that I can get and or like getting castings, making it to casting, it was more of just me pushing throughout – there’s no formula at all, just know your priorities, I want to excel as a student before anything else and after classes what I do is I go to castings. But if I have a heavy workload I choose which one to prioritize.

What do you enjoy the most while working?

I enjoy the fact that I am more confident in front of the camera than outside. I’m awkward if I’m not in front of the camera. Also, it is creative because you get to represent brands in different personalities, and it’s like testing your limits too.

What is your dream photoshoot?

My dream photoshoot would be for a magazine cover.

What is your favorite expression?

My favorite expression is being fierce. Also, I feel like a common one is I do a lot of things with my hands, and it shows in the pictures.

Who do you look up to in modeling?

I like Asian models because I am Asian. I want to break that standard that it doesn’t always have to be mestiza, though everyone is pretty, I think the industry needs to be more diverse.

What would be your trademark as a model?

I am still trying to figure that out because ever since I started I’ve been trying to find which market I’ll fit in to but I guess that’s why I needed to attend more test shoots and get to know more people in the industry so I can figure out myself better and where I feel I am strong and comfortable in doing.