Chris Diaz Of New Monarch: Runway Ready

A lot of Filipino designers are known for their unique style. Take Chris Diaz for instance, who not only earns a spotlight in the fashion runway, but also in the world of business.

Chris shares how she stitched together fashion and business into a successful venture.

Why did you choose to become a fashion designer-entrepreneur?
As a creative person, it’s very much aligned with my passion in design and art. [It’s] an obvious route.

What’s your favorite aspect of it?
To be able to conceive an idea/design and execute it and [see] the satisfaction from clients.

How do you forecast the trends?
Being a keen observer in the fashion capitals [pays off]. A trend normally falls on this pattern: if 3-4 major houses comes with similar offerings, it becomes a trend.  You also get micro-trends that can add up to the direction of the season. But I usually get them as a guide on what to avoid, derailing yourself in the bandwagon. I normally pick a relatable trend and translate it with my mannerism.

What inspired you in your latest collection?
it’s more of a situation: Roadside motel seduction during the fifties—incorporated rodeo, rockabilly and Greaser styles but keeping them contemporary.

How do you relate to your audience and customers?
When you’ve build an audience and market, you will definitely know their demands. A designer’s duty is to bring that fresh story or fantasy that will excite them season after season, without losing your point of view or aesthetics.

As a fashion designer-entrepreneur, what is fashion?
A wearable art; a mode of communication, weapon, and expression

What are the necessary skills to qualify in your field?
Creativity, attention to detail, customer relationship and marketing

What ethics should you have in order to become successful? Grit

What’s your message for the aspiring fashion designers?
Be passionate with your craft, all else will follow. Don’t be discouraged as everyone starts humble in the beginning. Focus and [have] faith.

For Chris Diaz, properly executing ideas can spell the difference in your career. You do not just prove how passionate you are, but you also create your own masterpiece that inspires budding fashion designers.